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Pest Control for Pharmaceutical Companies

Physicians, wholesalers, pharmacies, clinics, consumers, and patients have a high dependency on pharmaceuticals to provide a safe, clean, and hygienic production of their supplies. A pest infestation can ruin your brand and the trust you've cultivated with clients. 

Pests can have a big impact on your pharmaceutical business resulting in significant economic loss. The contamination of medicines and medical devices destroys affected goods and causes possible production loss.

Western Exterminator can advise on effective methods to control pests in your manufacturing process, utilizing innovative solutions and highly trained pest specialists to give you peace of mind.

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Pests Commonly Found in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Stored Product Pests - Raw materials found in pharmaceutical facilities are perfect for store product pests to hide in. These raw materials come in contact with the ingredients used to make medicines or pharmaceutical products, which can compromise the safety of them.

  • Rodents - Rats and mice can cause electrical damage by gnawing on wires. They also contaminate products and the equipment used to make pharmaceuticals, which can cost pharmaceutical companies thousands of dollars in damaged products. 

  • Flying Insects - Flies are known for carrying dangerous bacteria and are active all year round. Flies reproduce quickly, so once one fly is identified, others are likely to appear. 

Pest Control Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Our team of field biologists, quality assurance managers, high dependency technicians and technical managers are experts devoted to your sector. Their experienced knowledge of maintaining all levels of protection provides our customers with peace of mind knowing their laboratories are safe.

Our commercial fly and rodent control services humanely and strategically remove these pests from your pharmaceutical lab or factory to protect the quality and safety of your product. 

Why Western Exterminator?

As a Rentokil brand (the world’s #1 commercial pest control company), Western Exterminator is backed by global expertise. Our locally-based pest specialists have been serving manufactures of pharmaceuticals of all sizes for decades. As industry experts, we know what it takes to fully protect your brand, your business, and medical environment against a wide variety of pests. 

For more information on how your pharmaceutical facility can benefit from our commercial pest control services, call us at 888-674-0921 or fill out our online form.