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The North Las Vegas Western Exterminator team has earned a reputation for expert knowledge of local pests and reliable pest control solutions. 

North Las Vegas is one of the state's fastest growing cities and home to many thriving families and businesses. Being situated in sunny and warm climate, North Las Vegas experiences high pest pressures year round. Common pests in the area include spiders, rodents, bed bugs, termites and more. 

Schedule an inspection with a Nevada-licensed pest specialist by calling (702) 643-0998 or contact us online.

North Las Vegas pest control reviews

John Herbaly

I like working with Western Exterminator because I enjoy the pest control industry and the problem solving involved. In all of the work we do, we put our customers first and do whatever it takes to get the job done and work to make the customer experience a positive one. Western Exterminator is a well known industry leader that is backed with years of technical experience.

North Las Vegas spider control experts

Western Exterminator encounter spiders of all colors and sizes in North Las Vegas properties. The black widow is the type of spider residents of the area should be most concerned with. The tiny black arachnid's bite can result in serious health concerns, especially for children and the elderly. Tarantulas are also very common in the desert. Although a tarantulas' appearance may be scary, their bite can be equated to that of a bee. 

Our pest specialists have provided spider control services in North Las Vegas for years and can quickly identify the type of spider infesting your property. Your dedicated pest specialist will also call out other pest issues you have in your property that may be attracting spiders. No spider problem is to big for Western Exterminator. 

Licensed rodent exterminators in North Las Vegas

Rodent infestations have been on the rise in Clark County in recent years. Rats and Mice poise major concerns for North Las Vegas businesses. A rodent problem in a place of business can have a very negative impact on the bottom line, scaring away customers and poising health concerns for people. Rats and mice carry with them diseases and have been linked to triggering asthma attacks 

Western Exterminator has offered rodent removal and prevention services for nearly a century. As evident in our Mr. Little logo, we mean business when it comes to rodent control. North Las Vegas residents can call our local team at (702) 643-0998 to schedule an inspection any time. Keep your property rodent-proof with Western Exterminator. 



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