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For dependable local pest control service in Newport Beach, California, you can count on Western Exterminator. Our highly trained and certified pest control specialists live in the Newport Beach area as well as providing reliable service to local residents.

Whether the problem is bed bugs, cockroaches, rats or other pests, we have a Newport Beach exterminator nearby that can help. We service both businesses and residential buildings, providing thorough service to remove pests and offering dependable advice on keeping them away.

The first step is to contact us and set up an appointment with one of our licensed specialists today. Call us at (714) 239-280 or use our online form to get things started.

Newport Beach, CA, Bed Bug Control

Stop bed bugs before they become a large scale infestation in multiple rooms throughout your Newport Beach home or business by contacting Western Exterminator. If you want the latest methods of detection, removal and prevention that will eliminate bed bugs in all life stages, Western Exterminator is ready to help.

Being small nocturnal insects, bed bugs are hard to find and hard to see. However, if you or your customers find bite marks up and down your body in the morning, you have no time to lose. Schedule an inspection with Western Exterminator’s bed bug control specialists in Newport Beach. We will respond fast and get bed bugs out of your property.

Contact us today to speak with a live representative about the bed bug issues you have been experiencing. We're ready to help so you can sleep tight without worrying about being bitten.

Spider Control for Newport Beach

For most people, spiders are scary. However, in general, spiders are beneficial in that they consume other pest insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Too many spiders inside a property, however, can be a problem.

That's why when it comes to finding a local Newport Beach spider control specialist, so many residents choose Western Exterminator. There's no reason to just live with spiders and their webs around your home or business. Whether your spider issue is outside, in the basement or in the attic, Western Exterminator's spider control and prevention experts will help you get rid of the arachnids and offer advice to prevent their return.

Western Exterminator is here to help you deal with spiders. Fill out our online form to contact us and set up an appointment at convenient time.

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