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Mr. Little's classroom pest identification

Nearly a Century of Experience. (That's millennia for the average insect)

The Little Man has been collecting information for almost 100 years. Here are his notes on bugs and more. More than 100 years worth of know-how is now available with Mr. Little's Bug Book. Step into Mr. Little’s Classroom for all of the information you’ll need on these pests.

Search our pest identification library to find the problem pest you are dealing with, as well as pest control tips for protecting your home against them. Here you'll find profiles for helping identify termites, ants, bed bugs, rodents, spiders, beetles, flies, fleas and wasps, cockroaches, bees, mosquitoes and more. 

Find a bug you can't identify? Check out Mr. Little's Bug Book. Still not sure? E-mail us a picture at [email protected] or send us the bug in a squish-proof container and one of our entomologists will contact you with the results.

Information about pest and insect identification

With more than 100 years of experience in the business, Western Exterminator specialists are experts in pests and insects. We provide that knowledge to you with Mr. Little's Classroom. 

If you need help identifying the type of insect or pest that you are seeing around your home, click on one of the links below:

Ants and Bitings Insects

  • Argentine ant
  • Carpenter ant
  • Harvester ant
  • Pharaoh ant
  • Red imported fire ant
  • Thief ant
  • Bed bug
  • Brown dog tick
  • Cat flea
  • Crab lice
  • Head lice

Stored Product Pests and Termites

Cockroaches and Flies

Fabric Pests

Occasional Invaders/Birds

Bugs that don't bite


  • Deer mouse
  • House mouse
  • Norway rat
  • Roof rat
  • White-footed mouse


  • Black widow
  • Brown recluse spider
  • House spider
  • Tarantula

Stinging pests

  • Bald-faced hornet
  • Carpenter bee
  • Honey bee
  • House mosquito
  • Paper wasp
  • Yellowjacket

Customer bulletins

More useful information about identifying, removing and preventing various pests. Click on the links below to view the PDFs:

Further information and next steps

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