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Mosquito bite treatment

If you spend time outdoors during the warmer months and you have water anywhere nearby, you run the risk of mosquitoes. Although the drier climates in California, Arizona and Nevada mean that we get to enjoy our backyards a bit more than people in other parts of the country, even here we can get visited by these little bloodsuckers.

Mosquito bites are annoying. They itch and they look bad, especially if a lot of mosquitoes have found you as a particularly tasty snack. Although there are numerous diseases and illnesses now associated with mosquitoes, the actual bites are usually not something to worry about.

Still, the last thing you want to do is sit around itching, so we'll take a look at some of the most effective mosquito bite treatments.

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Effective mosquito bite treatments

Generally, if you can resist scratching the bite and infecting the wound, a mosquito bite will not need any treatment. However, if you feel the need to treat the bite, consider the following:

  • Treat it like you would any cut or breach of the skin - wash it with soap and water and keep it clean. If it is bleeding you can put a small bandage on it, but often this is not needed. 
  • If the itching is particularly bad, making it hard for you to resist scratching and potentially infecting the area, an over the counter topical anti-itch cream can work well. 
  • You can use hydrocortisone or calamine creams to help alleviate itching and other symptoms for minor bites that are not infected. 
  • Keep an eye on the bite. If it appears to be swelling or there is a larger reaction than normal, you can treat using antihistamines. 
  • If the reaction appears particularly bad and you are worried about it, be sure to seek medical attention. Such things are very rare, but you can never be to sure when a serious allergic reaction might be happening.

If you notice anything severe or out of the ordinary happening then visit a doctor immediately.

Why do mosquito bites itch?

The first thing to understand is that only female mosquitoes do the people-biting. Male mosquitoes don't even have the right equipment to feed on mammals and subsist on nectar. Females, however require a bloodmeal to live and to lay eggs.

The mosquito's proboscis is sharp at the end with parts that can quickly pierce the skin and it acts like a small needle. When the mosquito lands, it has senses that let it find just the right spot to pierce the skin and find a blood source. The mosquito then injects saliva that prevents clotting and that numbs the area so you don't feel the bite.

The mosquito feeds fast, filling up with enough blood to be full in seconds. When they fly away, the leave behind that saliva that prevents clotting and anesthetizes the area. This is where your body takes over.

The elements from the mosquito saliva is a foreign substance and your body does not want foreign substances inside. Your own body attacks those substances and you have an allergic reaction.

Why you shouldn't scratch a mosquito bite

Of course, once the bite starts itching the first thing you want to do is scratch and scratch until it feels better. Your mother always told you that the last thing you should do is scratch at a mosquito bite - that you would just make it worse. Turns out, mom was right!

Reason #1

The needle-like mouthparts that the mosquito uses to get the blood does leave a tiny hole when the mosquito is done. Scratching at the bite can enlarge the hole and cause more bleeding. That's just the first reason you shouldn't scratch.

Reason #2

The second reason has to do with your fingernails and your hands. Although mosquitoes are thought to be dirty, in fact your own hands and nails are likely to be dirtier than the mosquito. Unless you are constantly washing your hands and nails, there is dirt, bacteria and other substances on your nails that can get into the bite if you keep scratching. This can lead to an infection.

No more mosquito bites

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Of course, the best way to treat mosquito bites is not to get bitten at all.

Western Exterminator experts are ready to help you find the right treatment to eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

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