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Modesto may be the most "modest" city in California, but the city certainly has plenty to brag about. When the sun is out 70% of the time, and the average temperature is 64°F, who wouldn't want to spend time there? The beauty of Modesto, CA shouldn't be spoiled by pests. Western Exterminator has been an integral part of the Modesto area for years, so we understand and anticipate the most common pest problems.

Western Exterminator Modesto pest specialists are the area's experts in pest control. From bed bugs to rodents, and everything in between, we've got you covered. Not only will we work tirelessly to eliminate the problem that is plaguing your home or business, but we will offer prevention methods that will keep the problem from coming back.

Contact us to schedule a property inspection with a pest specialist from the Western Exterminator Modesto team today.

Shaun Leslie

I came into the pest control industry after someone told me how rewarding and interesting it is. I stay because I love the challenge of solving problems for customers and the feeling of small community amongst the industry. Having lived in the area for over 35 years, I believe it is important to give back to the community, so I volunteer for San Joaquin County Parks, helping to keep them clean.

Termite control in Modesto

Termites cause 5 billion dollars in damage repair costs each year. They eat away at wood 24/7, and unfortunately, can go undetected for an extended period of time. Because of this, you should call the experts at Western Exterminator as soon as you  suspect that you are seeing signs of termites in your home or business.

Western Exterminator termite control specialists know what they're doing and can spot the signs of a termite infestation quickly. Our termite removal and prevention solutions are your best line of defense against this potentially costly pest. Don't wait until the damage has been done. 

Contact us today to speak to the area's most reliable termite control experts at Western Exterminator.

Spider control for Modesto, CA

There are over 43,000 species of spider in existence, and many are located right here in California. Some have poisonous bites, and some present absolutely no threat at all. Nonetheless, we don't want our homes to be overtaken by these 8-legged pests. Stop the spread of a spider infestation with the help of the Western Exterminator spider control specialists.

Western Exterminator focuses on spider control solutions that remove infestations and then provide treatment to keep them away. We have a goal of providing pest control solutions that are holistic in nature and focuses on prevention so we can reduce the chemical treatments needed.

If you're seeing spiders around your home, contact us for a free quote today!



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