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How to prevent mice

Western Exterminator has been around since 1921 and we have been mouse exterminators from the start. We know how mice think, where they are most likely to get into your home or business, and the places that they like to hide.

Each Western Exterminator specialist is trained to search your entire property and find the areas where mice are getting in. We can tell you why mice are finding your particular property or home appealing and what you can do to help prevent them. Preventing mice from entering a property will also reduce the damage and health risks they cause.

Call Western Exterminator at 800-937-8398 to discuss ways to prevent mice in your home or business.

Mouse proofing your property

One of the most effective ways to keep mice off your property is ensuring that any necessary repairs and preparations are made to your home or business. Mice love to climb, and they are very good at it. Rough, vertical surfaces are no problem. They are also able to walk along thin cables or wires. Any gaps that could allow entry to mice, should be addressed. Because mice are such great climbers, it is important to check the entire building for these gaps and cracks, even as far up as the roof. 

Our mouse exterminators can survey your property to find the best solution for eliminating the mouse infestation. Our solutions stay out of the way and we use the most effective methods available. Additionally, we strive to provide the most environmentally friendly methods to find mice and help you eliminate them.

How to prevent mice from entering your home

Mice can call through very tiny holes in exterior walls. Mice can compress their bodies to fit in holes no wider than a pencil and beneath spaces of just fractions of an inch. This is why preventing mice from getting in to a home means inspecting your property carefully. Make sure there are no spaces beneath exterior doors or garage doors. Are there holes from cables extending from inside the home to the outside which have left gaps? Are there holes in screens?

Western Exterminator specialists can help get rid of mice and offer advice and counsel on how to stop mice from entering a home in the future. Our specialists are trained to find the places mice are hiding and how they are getting in.

How to keep mice out

A mouse's flexible skeleton allows it to squeeze through holes the size of a #2 pencil. Here are some of the best ways to keep mice out of your home or business.

  • Door sweeps - Install door sweeps and repair damaged weather stripping to prevent entry, especially on older properties where doors no longer fit snugly.

  • Pipes - Seal any holes in or around pipes using steel wool and caulking.

  • Vents - Cover vents with wire mesh to allow airflow while preventing mouse entry.

  • Roofing - Ensure all damaged roofing is repaired and that any gaps are sealed.

  • Vegetation - Trim trees and shrubbery back to prevent mice from using them to travel into your home or business. Overgrown vegetation also provides a potential nesting site.

  • Lawn and garden - Mow grass to eliminate potential shelter. Make sure there is a gap between gardens and building foundations.

Your local mouse exterminator

If you're concerned about how to prevent mice from entering your home and business, call Western Exterminator at 800-937-8398 or you can contact us online to set up an appointment. Tell us about the signs of mice you are finding and the problems you are experiencing. We'll work with you to determine the best solution for your property and those that inhabit it.

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