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You've probably seen them before. They are tiny, some might even think they’re cute, but if you find one in your home they could be a real problem. They’re mice.

Mice are one of the most common pests in the world and are found just about everywhere. They’re rodents, and can be very destructive when they infest your property. Prodigious breeders, a couple of mice can quickly turn into dozens., It won’t take long for mice to  scurrying behind the fridge, walls, around the baseboards and getting into the furniture. Mice can chew their way through fabric and get into cupboards and drawers to find food. In short, they are a nuisance.

Mice damage property, leave a mess wherever they decide to nest, and are even known to spread diseases such as the hantavirus and salmonella (food poisoning). They also carry fleas and ticks that can spread diseases like Lyme Disease, Colorado Tick Fever and more. Not to mention the droppings they leave behind, a disgusting common sign of a mouse infestation.

Western Exterminator has been the expert in mouse control solutions for homes and businesses for decades. Since our founding in 1921, one of the first things we specialized in was mouse control solutions. We will get rid of a mouse infestation and offer mouse prevention solutions to stop them from coming back.

Western Exterminator mouse control professionals can help. If you think you have mice, contact us online or call 800-937-8398 for an appointment.

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Mouse problems for homeowners

Mice can get inside homes to get warm and to build nests in hiding places that provides them with easy access to food. That's what makes them so hard to get rid of and why a professional is usually needed. Mice breed fast and it won’t take long for multiple areas of infestation to spread around the home. Since mice can hide in the smallest of spaces, finding all of their hiding places can be very difficult and requires specialized tools and training.

Mice sneak out at night, when they think they will not be seen, and will devour food in cupboards, drawers, pantries and around kitchens. They chew through plastic to eat loaves of bread and their teeth are strong enough to chew through plastic and wood. Mice can use areas behind kitchen cabinets and drawers to get from one place to another and may be hard to notice until a full on mouse infestation has taken hold.

Mice control services near you

Over the last 90+ years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with all ant species throughout the United States. We carefully combine this knowledge with our understanding of seasonal pest trends and regional areas. Our local, highly-trained services specialists have been specially trained to provide you with the best possible ant control tailored to your property.

Types of mice in your home

deer mouse

Deer mouse

Deer mice are common in rural areas of the western US, from Mexico to the Yukon and Northwest territories of Canada.

Outside, house mice either move in or make their own home in burrows. Their favorite pieces of real estate are tree hollows, old fence posts, log piles, and abandoned nests and burrows.

Inside, these mice live in wall voids, corners, small places in basements and attics, storage boxes, and stuffed furniture.

Their urine and feces have been associated with hantavirus and other diseases.

House Mouse

House mouse

House mice are thought to have originated from Central Asia and made their home in Israel 2,000 years ago, but of course, now they are everywhere. These critters love dark, secluded places with plenty of privacy and comfort to nest in and make nests of paper, fabric, insulation, packing materials and cotton.

House mice love seeds and sweet liquids. They feed mainly at dawn and dusk. They absorb moisture from food, but will also drink water, especially when bulking up their diet with protein.

The dangers with house mice lies in what they can gnaw through. Besides making holes through your favorite slippers, a house mouse will eat and contaminate stored food, and transmit disease through droppings, urine, bites, as well as direct contact, or contact with cats, fleas and mites.

White-footed mouse

White-footed mouse

White-footed mice are typically found in Eastern U.S. from mid-Maine south to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama; west to Montana, Colorado, and Arizona.

White-footed mice form nests in hidden places, such as old bird or squirrel nests, burrows, logs, tree stumps or buildings. Soiled nests are abandoned. Its home range is 1/2 to 1-1/2 acres, with 4-12 mice per acre. These mice sometimes stay in the nest, but in cold weather, they may enter homes, garages, sheds and stored vehicles.

Being structural pests, white-footed mice can cause damage to rural, outbuilding, shed-type buildings, furnishings and stored food. They are also carriers of Hantavirus and other diseases.

Mouse control tips

Mice target homes and businesses because they provide easy access to the conditions they need to survive. This includes shelter, warmth, nesting materials and food. It usually takes a professional trained to spot even the smallest signs of mouse activity. However, there are things you can do around your property to prevent a mouse infestation in the first place. Here are some mouse control tips:

  1. Remove debris - mice like to hide in piles of leaves, grass, wood and other natural elements that can end up piled up against the side of your home, garage or other structures around your property. Mice have horrible eyesight and they stick close to walls and like to be hidden, so removing their hiding places prevents them from getting close to structures and either looking for a way inside or chewing their way inside.
  2. Seal up holes - the tiniest hole is all that is needed for a mouse to get inside your home. Their skeletons are such that mice can use an opening as tiny as the width of a pencil to crawl inside. That means even the tiniest space, crack or crevice that leads from the outside into your home can provide access for mice. Once a couple of mice get in and find a place to build a nest, they can start breeding and soon you will have an infestation.
  3. Seal up food - mice are usually looking for food and they are opportunists. If you pull out a loaf of bread and find a hole in one end that drills right through the loaf, then you know you have mice. Putting food in sealed containers that they cannot access will block off that food and stop them from finding your home as an attractive place to build a nest.

As far as using baits or traps, that is best left to a discussion with a mouse control professional. Each mouse control method involves risks to pests and family members and a lot depends on the infestation and the situation around your home. So, if you find mice around your home, be sure to call Western Exterminator quickly.

Western Exterminator mouse treatments

For decades Western Exterminator has been helping homes and businesses get rid of mice. Our mouse control specialists will inspect your property, whether it's commercial or residential, to find the places where mice hide, remove the rodents and their nests, but also find out how they are getting in and why they find that property so attractive. Our specialists are experts in knowing how to spot the ways mice get inside the house and in which crevices they are hiding. Just missing a couple of mice in the house can create a brand new infestation if you don’t know where to look or how to spot them.

Western Exterminator specialists will discuss the mouse treatment options with you. We provide methods to get rid of mice throughout the building or home and then offer you ways to prevent future mouse infestations.

Mouse control costs

There are a number of factors which go into determining the costs of mouse control treatments. This is why the initial property inspection is so important since it's this which determines a number of factors which go into the costs involved. For example:

  • The size of the infestation. Larger infestations require more treatments, more bait stations and repeat follow ups.
  • Size of the property. If you have a large house or own a business with a large amount of property, the infestation and number of areas needing treatment can greatly affect price.
  • Commercial or residential property. The types of treatments used vary depending on what the property is used for. Commercial properties may require one specialized kind of treatment, while a home something entirely different.

Each mouse infestation is different from each other. This is why the first step is to contact a Western Exterminator specialist to get a property inspection done. From there, estimates about cost and treatment options can be made.

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