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Situated just north of the California border, Medford, OR offers easy access to Southern Oregon’s world-famous, natural landmarks and outdoor recreational opportunities; while also providing the conveniences of city living. Just south of Medford is Ashland, Oregon - home of Southern Oregon University and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ashland is a popular tourist town, bringing in thousands of people for the festival each year to shop, eat and enjoy the beauty of Lithia Park and Historic Downtown Ashland.

In addition to tourists, Southern Oregon is also attractive to pests like rodents, ants, spiders, fleas, bed bugs and termites. Western Exterminator (formerly Alpha Ecological) are your local Medford and Ashland pest control experts. We can help eliminate pest problems in your home or business.

Our team of pest control professionals have been serving the Medford, OR, area for years now. What we do is provide homes and businesses with reliable local pest control services all year long. We will get to your home fast, inspect your property and provide a treatment solution for most pests that you are likely to encounter.

The first step is to call your local Western Exterminator office in Medford, OR, or use our online form to set up an appointment.

Bed bug control Medford, OR

If you or anyone in your family is waking up with itchy red bumps or bite marks it’s possible that you have a bed bug infestation. Having bed bugs in your home does not mean you are a dirty person or that your household is unclean. Bed bugs are sneaky and can spread to all apartments in a multi-unit housing situation or hitchhike on luggage if you have been to a hotel

Once bed bugs have gained access to a new property, they set out quickly to find a place to hide. Conducting an inspection by yourself or using a DIY treatment can easily miss a couple of bed bugs.

Your best bet for bed bug control in Medford, OR, is to contact the bed bug control experts at Western Exterminator. Our trained bed bug specialists will carry out a thorough inspection using the latest methods of bed bug detection. We then work with you and your family to provide an effective and reliable treatment solution that will eliminate them during all life stages. 

Don't just be a meal for bed bugs! Contact us and schedule a free property inspection with a Medford Western Exterminator bed bug specialist today.

Spiders in Medford, OR

Are you one of the many thousands of people afraid of spiders? The truth is that most spiders are more interested in eating pest insects than they are in biting people. Even spiders with a reputation such as the brown recluse or the black widow prefer to stay hidden away and un-bothered. However, almost any species of spider, when disturbed, can act defensively and bite. When a spider infestation occurs in your property, you’ll want to call in the experts at Western Exterminator.

Our licensed experts will treat the hard-to-reach spaces and those far corners of your building  to remove the spiders and their webs. We will also seek out the reasons why so many spiders have determined that your home or business is the best place to build a web and find food. We will offer you reliable spider control treatment options that will get rid of spiders and prevent them from returning.

If you live in the Medford area contact the Western Exterminator expert that's nearest to you. Call us today or use our online contact form to set up an appointment.

Commercial pest control for Medford, OR

All of the time and money that you put into your business means that the last thing you need is your reputation to be ruined as a result of a pest infestation.

Whether you worry about customer health issues because of flies, ants or rodents or just the rumors of your business being infested with pests, the Western Exterminator team in Medford are the commercial pest control experts you can rely on. Our Oregon-licensed specialists can help you determine which pests pose a threat to your business. We will provide you with a reliable and effective commercial pest control solution that takes the needs of your business and your customers into consideration.

Western Exterminator commercial pest control specialists understand the needs of businesses big and small. We know the needs of a huge warehouse are different from an apartment building, restaurant, or grocery store. We will do all we can to be discreet and effective so that customers, and your business' reputation, are kept safe. 

If you are seeing pests of any kind and are thinking about trying to take care of them yourself, stop now. Contact us at Western Exterminator and get a local Medford, OR, commercial pest control specialist out to your business today.



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