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Residents of La Jolla, California know that the real benefit of living here is the fact that we are right on the ocean. However, gorgeous seaside views means that it's attractive to a lot of people outside of the area. That means the unique weather and the number of tourists in the area brings with it special pest problems that can infect businesses and homes.

Western Exterminator has been a part of the La Jolla area and the surrounding city of San Diego. We know the area, are certified and trained all year to understand which pests could be a problem and provide solutions that remove infestations and prevent new ones. If the pests are rodents or bed bugs, ants, flies, roaches or other insects, we have a way to help you deal with it.

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Earl Cole

Hi, I'm Earl. My brother-in-law introduced me to Western as a “summer” job in 1979. At the time, I had aspirations of working as a police officer, but found that Western Exterminator gave me the opportunity to serve people in a different way. I'm still protecting them, but it's from nuisance pests. I find great satisfaction in exceeding our customers’ expectations and seeing growth in my colleagues as I lead, teach, and mentor them to serve the public.

Bed bug control in La Jolla, CA

Have you ever heard the old expression about not letting the bed bugs bite? Well, the fact is if you wake up in the morning with red bite marks anywhere on your body, you might have bed bugs in your home. They are hard to find, hard to get rid of and they can breed fast to create an infestation throughout the home. Fortunately, if you have bed bugs in La Jolla, CA, there's a Western Exterminator specialist who can help.

Our bed bug control specialists are trained to know the signs of a bed bug infestation and use the latest methods to track down all of the place they hide. We can use a variety of methods, such as heat treatments, to get rid of bed bugs at all life stages and prevent a return.

Contact your local La Jolla bed bug control specialist by reaching out to your Western Exterminator office today.

Cockroach control La Jolla

The city of La Jolla gets a lot of visitors and not all of them are of the human variety. There are a variety of cockroaches species that can infest homes and businesses. Roaches are dirty, can sneak into the walls and form an infestation and bring with them health risks that you do not want to deal with. Missing a couple can lead to a new infestation and if you see two - there are probably a lot more you cannot.

Western Exterminator cockroach control specialists in La Jolla know what species of cockroach is the problem and then come up with the best solution to get rid of them. We will take the nature of your business into consideration and come up with a plan that will remove cockroaches and stop them from coming back.

Get rid of roaches in your home or business in La Jolla by contacting Western Exterminator.



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