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Residents and business owners in Irvine, California have turned to the experts at Western Exterminator for years. Our customers know that they can rely on our trucks with the Mr. Little logo to get there fast and provide reliable pest control and prevention solutions. 

Whether the issue you are having is cockroaches, spiders, wildlife, rodents or other pests, Western Exterminator has a nearby Irvine pest control specialist ready to help. We'll remove the pest problem and provide solutions to prevent them from returning. 

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Irvine, CA Termite Inspections

Termites are sneaky. They find ways to get into your home and start gnawing away at the wooden floors, joists and other wooden structures. They need the cellulose that wood provides and they never, ever, stop eating. That means, by the time you may find you have a termite problem, the pests may have inflicted thousands of dollars worth of damage. Fortunately for Irvine, CA, residents, Western Exterminator termite control specialists are nearby to help. 

Western Exterminator has been providing Irvine, CA, termite control for decades. We know where to look for the signs of a termite infestation and have the latest and most effective methods of providing termite treatment. We will remove the termites and offer advice to stop them from returning. 

If you think you have spotted the signs of termites in your Irvine home, set up an appointment for a property inspection with Western Exterminator today.

Bed Bug Control Irvine, CA

Bed bugs feed at night and what they prefer to feed on is you. Bed bugs need blood in order to reproduce and they will sneak out during the night to feed upon blood. If you are finding bed bug bites on your body when you wake up in the morning, don't waste another moment. Call in Western Exterminator. 

When residents of Irvine, CA, need reliable bed bug control specialists they call Western Exterminator because our highly trained experts know the ways and methods of finding bed bug hiding spots. We also provide the latest methods to remove bed bugs and dependable advice on keeping them away. Stop living with bed bug bites and get rid of them with help from your local Western Exterminator office.