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Insect control services

Western Exterminator has been around for nearly 100 years now and in that time we have learned a few things about insect control. We make sure to keep our insect control pest specialists trained in the latest news, methods of detection and insect prevention and control methods in the industry. This way if you run a business or own a home, you know you can count on Western Exterminator for dependable insect control services.

The first step in effective insect control services from Western Exterminator is the property inspection. The inspection will help determine the costs of pest control services and the next steps to get rid of insects and provide insect control.

Preventative insect control methods

Western Exterminator's trained specialists use a green pest control approach that attempts to look at ways to prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place. By implementing these integrated pest management methods, pests do not infest homes or businesses, reducing the need for additional chemical treatments. This reduces the footprint on the environment.

The individual components of this technique include the following:

  1. Setting Action Pest Thresholds
  2. Identifying and monitoring pest activity
  3. Pro-active pest prevention methods
  4. Pest and insect control methods

If you think you have an insect problem or infestation of any pest, contact us online to schedule your free pest inspection today!

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Licensed insect control specialists

For nearly 100 years, Western Exterminator has been providing residents and businesses with pest specialists who can provide reliable insect control, removal, and pest prevention. Our specialists live in and around the areas they support and understand how pests work seasonally throughout the Western service area. We also ensure our pest control specialists are trained in the latest methods of pest removal, insect control and pest prevention.

Western Exterminator ensures our pest specialists are certified and insured based on state and local standards. We offer solutions for a wide variety of pests and insects including bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, ants, mosquitoes and more. Western Exterminator also strives to provide green pest control methods which look at pest control holistically, trying to prevent insects and rodents, reducing the need for more chemical treatments.

If you've seen insects or other pests around your property, contact your local Western Exterminator office.

How to get rid of insects

A quick search online will show you numerous DIY pest and insect control methods available. However, none of these are guaranteed to work and none come with years of training and research behind it. Western Exterminator specialists understand the signs of insects and rodent infestations. Our specialists are also trained to spot the locations of entry for pests and offer solutions to get rid of pests and keep them away. This is why calling in the professionals is your best option when it comes to insect control.

However, there are a few preventative measures you can take around your home and property to control insect populations and mitigate infestation risks. These include:

  • Garbage removal - outdoor garbage cans need to be secured so pests cannot feast on the debris within. Make sure lids are secured and change out garbage bags frequently.

  • Sealing possible access points - cracks in the foundation or holes in siding, roofing, or other areas provide instant access for insects and rodents. Screens in windows should also be installed or repaired if they have holes or tears.

  • Cleaning food spills - food spilled on kitchen counters or floors is a great way to end up with insects like ants or cockroaches. Clean up spills quickly and thoroughly.

  • Water leak repair - leaky pipes and other areas that generate moisture collection should be fixed as quickly as possible. There are numerous insects who prefer damp areas and will breed and thrive in wet areas.

  • Remove standing water - backyard ponds, potted plants, puddles, bird baths and other areas where standing water gathers should be either agitated or drained. Mosquitoes will breed in even a rain puddle and become an infestation quickly.

Insect control services near you

Western Exterminator has prided itself on being your local pest control solutions for nearly a century. Western works with businesses and homes throughout the western part of the United States and our pest control specialists are trained to spot and treat the unique pests which this part of the country has to deal with. To find the Western Exterminator office closest to your place of business or your residence, use the zip code look-up form below or use our online contact form.



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