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Stink bug control

During the early fall, while it’s still warm, you’ve probably seen this insect and its name sounds like what it's the most famous for: the stink bug. They are also known as shield bugs because they somewhat resemble shields. They are not harmful to people, but they will emit a strong smell if crushed or bothered and they can destroy fruit and vegetables.

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What is a stink bug?

Stink bugs are small and come in a variety of colors, but one of the most common ones is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), which is brownish in color with white markings. The BMSB is brownish and has whitish or gray spots. They can congregate in great numbers on trees and plants and the greatest risks stink bugs pose are damage to gardens and commercial farms.

Stink bug history

Stink Bugs have been around for a long time, but had a very nice life in Asian countries such as China, Japan and Taiwan. However, they are very good at hitchhiking in shipping containers. Suddenly, in 1998 a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug was collected in Allentown, PA. That was all it took for the invasion to begin.

Stink bugs reproduce fast and soon these bugs were showing up all over the east coast and then swept south. After that, they began spreading west across the United States. Now they have been spotted all over California in cities and are prominent in areas including Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Stink bug destruction


Stink bugs feed on fruit and plants. They pierce the fruit and then suck the juices out, injecting their saliva into the fruit. This causes a puckered or stippling look to the fruit and makes them unsalable and inedible. Stink bugs are very fond of corn, soy beans, tomatoes, lima beans and more. You are more likely to see the damage on the fruit.

Because they congregate in such great numbers they can do tremendous damage to fruit crops and can harm your garden or commercial farming endeavors. This makes them a true pest and a serious problem around your home or business.

Stink bug signs

How will you know if you have stink bugs? More than likely you will see them. They will be on trees and plants and hanging out around your home, and sometimes in large numbers. If you don't see the live ones you will likely see dead insects around your home. If you grow fruit you may see the stippling marks on the fruit.

How to get rid of stink bugs

There are many DIY solutions on the market, but the best way to get rid of stink bugs long term is to call in the professionals. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to keep these pests at bay.

  • Seal up cracks and crevices
  • Seal holes in utility pipes
  • Put a screen on the chimney
  • Repair or replace ripped screens
  • Repair or replace worn weather stripping

Western Exterminator stink bug control professionals know how to find stink bugs and help you remove them from your commercial or residential property. We will use the most environmentally sound methods possible and remove the stink bug infestation and provide methods to keep them from returning. Fill out our online form or call us at 800-937-8398 today.

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