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How to get rid of scorpions

For many people, there is little more startling than suddenly finding yourself face-to-face with a scorpion. Although a scorpion does not go hunting for people, if they feel threatened they will sting. For some people, such as those in Arizona, this can be a problem since the Arizona bark scorpion can be a potential health risk.

How did the scorpion get inside your house, you may wonder? There are a number of reasons and ways for scorpions to get inside your home. The bigger concern may be, how to get rid of scorpions once they're there. The last thing you need is a scorpion infestation around your property or inside your home.

Of course, if you are finding a large number of scorpions around your home or property, call the scorpion specialists at your local Western Exterminator office.


How do scorpions get inside your house?

A scorpion is generally not very big. When you look them right in the eye, they may seem huge, but they really aren't. They are thin and can crawl up walls and ceilings.  A window set high off the ground with a broken screen is enough of an opening that a scorpion can reach and get inside.

Any opening is enough for a scorpion to get inside. Holes in the walls, siding, roof, foundation or other areas will allow scorpions to take advantage and get inside. They will seek out places inside to hide, find shelter and food.


Western Exterminator scorpion specialists

One of the services Western Exterminator pest control specialists offer is an inspection of your property. When you call us to tell us that you have been seeing a lot of scorpions in and around your property, we will inspect your home to find out where they are coming from, why they are there, and offer advice on how to keep them out. Our scorpion specialists can also get rid of scorpions already in the house.

Stop worrying about scorpions. Contact your local Western Exterminator office today!

What brings a scorpion inside the house?

Scorpions are like any other animal. They want easy access to food. They want shelter from inclement weather and from potential predators. They want to stay warm and hidden, too. Even a scorpion may find cold desert nights too much to bear and will crawl inside a nice warm house to say toasty and safe for the night.

If you have a lot of scorpions in your home, there may be an underlying reason for it. For example, the biggest thing a scorpion is looking for is food. They eat insects and if you find scorpions inside, they may be coming in because there is a ready food supply. This could mean you have other pest issues which also need to be taken care of.

Getting rid of scorpions

Once you have scorpions inside your property, it's hard to get rid of them. This is why a trained professional is usually the best way to get rid of scorpions. In truth, the best way of getting rid of scorpions is to prevent scorpions from getting into your home in the first place. Here are the things to consider when trying to prevent scorpions from coming into your home:

  1. Seal up holes - it is amazing just how many holes and spaces a home can have. There are cables, vents and other outlets that often require a hole in the wall. Often, this leaves just enough space for an arachnid as skinny as a scorpion to get inside. Holes in the foundation, siding, roof, windows, walls, or screens are enough to allow a scorpion an easy way to access your home.
  2. Debris in the yard - if you have lots of vegetation or you have firewood piled up against the house or you have objects in your yard, you could be providing harborage for scorpions. If you have firewood or bark up against your house, this is the perfect way to end up with Arizona bark scorpions in or around your house.
  3. Spaces beneath doors - how often do you think about the bottom of your garage door? Or the bottom of your back door? Any door that leads directly outside can have just enough space between the bottom of the door and the ground for scorpions to get inside. Door sweeps are bristles or rubber extensions that can be added to garage doors and other doors leading outside that stop up that gap, but also allow the doors to open and close easily. Door sweeps can stop scorpions from getting inside.

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