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Color of springtails

Backs are dark gray to black, and abdomen is light gray. Head, antennae and legs have a reddish hue.


Springing into action, springtails use the forked structure attached under their abdomen to fly into the air, like fleas. Unlike fleas, they do not bite. They are wingless and humpbacked.

Where found

They may seem to put on airs with their fancy spring tail, but are really one of the most primitive insects. They are primarily native to North America, but found almost everywhere.


Springtails are used to extremely close quarters — up to 50,000 per cubic foot (0.03 cu m) That's a small personal bubble. They love moist outdoor locations, such as algae, fungi and decaying vegetables. Inside, they seek potted plants, floor drains, damp basements or crawl spaces. They are also fans of dried milk powder.

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