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How to get rid of mice the first time

Mice create messes and will chew through walls, wires and other materials. An infestation of mice or other rodents in your home or business puts people at risk of diseases and other health risks. In short, you do not want to just live with a mouse infestation in and around your property. Take the following steps to get rid of mice:

  1. Eliminate entry points - Cover up holes and fill in cracks
  2. Cut back shrubs and branches - Mice will use these to gain entry to your house
  3. Seal food in airtight containers - This includes pet food!
  4. Do dishes immediately after eating - Mice will come out to check for scraps
  5. Clean up food spills - Mice love to eat!
  6. Check under the hood of your car - Mice can hide inside your car and chew through wires
  7. Forget the DIY solutions - They can be highly ineffective in eliminating a mouse infestation
  8. Call Western Exterminator!

Western Exterminator’s mouse control specialists are trained to help get rid of mice and prevent future infestations. If you have spotted the signs of a mouse infestation or have seen mice in your home, contact Western Exterminator for an appointment with one of our specialists.


Mice prevention


Each Western Exterminator specialist is trained to search your entire property and find the areas where mice are getting in. Preventing mice from entering a property will also reduce the damage and health risks they cause.

One of the most effective ways to keep mice off your property is by ensuring that any necessary repairs and preparations are made to your home or business. A mouse's flexible skeleton allows it to squeeze through holes the size of a dime. Here are some of the best ways to keep mice out of your home or business:

  • Door sweeps - Install door sweeps and repair damaged weather stripping to prevent entry, especially on older properties where doors no longer fit snugly.
  • Pipes - Seal any holes in or around pipes using steel wool and caulking.
  • Vents - Cover vents with wire mesh to allow airflow while preventing mouse entry.
  • Roofing - Ensure all damaged roofing is repaired and that any gaps are sealed.
  • Vegetation - Trim trees and shrubbery back to prevent mice from using them to travel into your home or business. Overgrown vegetation also provides a potential nesting site.
  • Lawn and garden - Mow grass to eliminate potential shelter. Make sure there is a gap between gardens and building foundations.

Call Western Exterminator at 800-937-8398 to discuss ways to prevent mice in your home or business.

How to get rid of mice in your car


No matter if you keep your car in a closed garage, store it away in a storage unit, or park it in the street, mice can find it. To escape from the elements, mice often crawl into the inside of a car, where they can do damage quickly. If you're worried about mice taking up residence under your car’s hood, try some of these things:

  • Remove food from vehicles when not in use
  • Avoid parking near wooded areas where mice could be hiding
  • Place deterrents around the car such as moth balls, cedar wood, or peppermint oil
  • Seal holes or cracks in your garage walls or doors
  • Open the hood when the car is parked (this will cool down the inside of your car, making it less attractive to mice)

Check your auto insurance policy to see if it includes coverage for rodent damage. But regardless of whether it does or does not, no one wants mouse damage to their car. Have a Western Exterminator pest specialist inspect your property to check for rodent activity. Get ahead of mice, and stop them before they chew through your battery cables.

Western Exterminator mouse control methods


Western Exterminator specialists are highly trained and equipped to find where mice are hiding and remove them quickly. You need to have a trained eye to spot the signs of mice, rats or some other form of pest infestation. This all starts with a detailed and thorough property inspection. From there, your specialist will decide which treatment will be the most effective for you.

Western Exterminator also offers property owners:

  • Timely response - After you give us a call or contact us online, we will get in touch with you quickly about your mouse problem and arrange for a property inspection that works with your schedule.
  • Thorough inspection - We search the interior and exterior of the buildings on your property and your home looking for the areas mice are entering and nesting.
  • Comprehensive treatment - Western Exterminator mouse control specialists will provide you with solutions that will get rid of the mice infestation.
  • Knowledgeable advice - Western Exterminator mouse control experts will offer you advice that will help prevent mice from returning. We will find the places they are getting in and spot the reasons they have found your property particularly attractive, reducing the need for future treatments.


Still have mice?

If you have done everything to prevent mice and are still having problems, contact us today to set up an initial property inspection with one of our mouse control specialists.

The first step toward peace of mind and getting rid of mice starts with a property inspection. Our Western Exterminator specialists have the tools and training to conduct a thorough inspection to find all of the mouse access points and hiding places. We are here to help!

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