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How to get rid of gnats

Gnats sure are pesky. They always seem to appear together at inconvenient times, such as when you’re busy in the kitchen or hard at work in the office. Fungus gnats in particular can be bothersome; they enjoy damp spots, which sadly can include your plants. As gnats can harm your experience at home - not to mention the customer experience at a commercial property - the question arises: How do you get rid of gnats?

Check out some details about gnats below and tips for how to get rid of them. And if you’re experiencing a bad gnat infestation, get in touch with Western Exterminator. We will help you do away with the issue so your property is gnat-free.


Gnat locations

Fungus gnats lay eggs on moist potting soil or organic debris. Larvae mature in the soil. You may notice fungus gnats in houseplants that have been overwatered as well as greenhouses. Locations such as hotel lobbies and commercial building atriums may also contain fungus gnats. Light attracts fungus gnats and you may see them on glass doors and windows. Fungus gnats may also be found around lawns that have been overwatered, along with areas that have recently been mulched.

Additionally, fungus gnats may also be found on building roofs that fail to drain correctly. It can create a problem when an air handling system pulls fungus gnats into a building.

How to get rid of gnats in plants

Plants can enhance a space and create a positive atmosphere - but plant pests can definitely put a damper on that. Gnats are no exception. Fungus gnat management should focus on young fungus gnats rather than adults.

  • It is important to identify damp places where fungus is able to grow, as fungus gnat larvae use fungi as one of their foods. This includes potted plant soil or the soil of an atrium. Once you know where the source of moisture is, it is vital to eliminate it, or make it dry. That way, fungus will not be able to grow
  • You can rake soil to help it dry out more quickly.
  • Make sure you remove moisture from the trays under plant pots in order to prevent larvae from breeding there.
  • Check that plants are draining well.
  • And importantly, try not to overwater plants.
  • When a plant experiences a particularly bad infestation of fungus gnats, it might be worth getting rid of the plant.

How to get rid of gnats outside

It’s always frustrating to see gnats flying around in your yard when you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing weekend afternoon, and it can be even more frustrating if you don’t know how to get rid of gnats outdoors. To improve the situation, try to decrease your mulch so it is less than two inches deep, as moisture in mulch will allow gnats to breed. Western Exterminator can also apply spot treatments to the soil to help the issue, so contact us if you’ve got a serious problem.

How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen

When you’re cooking dinner and gnats are flying around your head, this can distract you from the work at hand and time with family. Plus, these pests will make your home unattractive to guests, and we know you are eager to avoid that problem. 

You should first try to tell what kind of pest you’re looking at - for example, whether it’s a gnat or a phorid fly. The creature’s small size may make it a little hard to distinguish what it is, but phorid flies have flattened parts of their back legs.

If gnats are emerging from your garbage disposal, try putting some ice down the disposal, which could wear down organic matter there.

How to get rid of gnats in the bathroom

Every once in a while, you might spot gnats or drain flies in your bathroom. Gnats require moisture to reproduce and thrive, and what better place to find moisture than the bathroom? Also, soap scum and other materials often build up in drains and grout. Any fungus or decaying matter provides a meal that gnats love. To keep gnat populations under control in your bathroom, clean it frequently. You can also pour bleach or other type of cleaning agent down your drains to clear things out and remove the gnat-attracting build-up.

How to get rid of gnats in the office

The office is another place where gnats can be a big problem. If you’re already stressed with all of the tasks on your plate at work, nothing is more vexing than tiny insects that won’t go away. These gnats may be coming from potted plants. If this is the case, simply try some of the plant strategies already discussed in order to say goodbye to gnats.

Western Exterminator gets rid of gnats

If you have a severe gnat problem and are at your wit’s end, reach out to a pest expert who is prepared to do gnat control, such as Western Exterminator. Our specialists know how to get rid of gnats most effectively and can help you eliminate the problem. We can apply spot treatments to tackle the problem or install light traps to catch gnats. We are the local experts, and will make sure gnats and other flying pests stay out of your property.

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