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European starling control

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What is a European starling?

European starlings, also referred to as starlings, are loud birds often found in urban areas. They are notoriously known for leaving feces and nests on or inside buildings and wall cavities.

What do European starlings look like?

European starlings have a black coat with a metallic sheen and pink legs.

European starling habitat

Starlings can be found in open orchards, fields and farms. But they have adapted to urban environments and can be found nesting on signs, billboards, building ledges, marquees and empty lamp posts.

What do European starlings eat?

Starlings typically eat insects, berries and seeds. What makes starlings known as disease-carrying vectors is their habit of eating cattle, hog and poultry feed. Starlings may transmit diseases such as encephalitis, ornithosis and histoplasmosis as a result.

Do European starlings migrate?

Yes. Starlings found in the south stay there during the winter months while starlings found in the north flock south. Starlings are known to fly during the day.

European starling nesting habits

The incubation period for starlings is around 12 days and the nesting period lasts around 21-23 days. Starlings are known to live for 15 to 20 years.

European starling control methods

There are a number of commonly used bird control methods that are great for keeping starlings away from your property. Western Exterminator ensures that our bird control methods follow state laws and remove and prevent birds in the most humane way.

Bird exclusion techniques include:

Bird netting: Netting prevents birds from getting into overhead pipes and roof air conditioning units

Plastic and metal spikes: Spikes prevent bird perching and nesting building areas such as, roof peaks, eaves, ledges and windowsills

Behavior modification: We also provide behavior modification solutions such as electrical shocks and wire grid systems, which condition birds to avoid a particular area.


Professional European starling removal

Western Exterminator can protect your property from a variety of bird species, including seagulls and pigeons. For fast, reliable bird control services, contact Western Exterminator at 800-937-8398 or complete our online form.

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