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Healthcare pest control

Hospitals and senior living facilities face constant pest concerns due to many factors, including: 

  • Nonstop deliveries 
  • Storage and preparation of food 
  • High patient or resident turnover 
  • Frequent visitors 
  • Structural defects

Western Exterminator can help you battle these concerns and eliminate pests from your operation. 

As a market leader, Western Exterminator has a deep understanding of the risks a potential pest problem can create for hospitals, acute care centers, senior living facilities and other healthcare properties. We know that protecting the health of your patients and residents also protects your reputation. 

With Western Exterminator as your partner in pest control, we will effectively and safely implement a comprehensive pest management plan for sensitive environments.


Commercial pest control

Highly trained pest management specialists, knowledge of current legislation and innovative solutions. Western Exterminator has your business covered.

Consequences of pest infestation in the healthcare sector

Pest infestations in healthcare facilities can be damaging in the following ways: 

  • Contamination of sterile areas 
  • Medical complications from stings, bites or pest-related infections 
  • Patient complaints and turnover 
  • Revenue loss 
  • Litigation in the event of noncompliance or patient injury
  • Negative publicity
  • High cost of treating large infestation 
  • Damage to the organization's reputation

Common pests in healthcare facilities

  • Ants - Certain species of ants, such as Pharaoh and crazy ants, can create problems in a healthcare environment. Patient health can also be compromised by fire ants, which can bite and in some circumstances result in anaphylactic shock. 

  • Bird management - Birds are attracted to architectural elements of many hospitals, including flat rooftops. They can also create mechanical issues and spread potentially dangerous pathogens when they nest and congregate near HVAC units. In addition to causing your facility to look unattractive, bird droppings also pose serious health and safety concerns.

  • Flies - Flies are one of the world’s most dangerous disease vectors, spreading bacteria and pathogens wherever they land. Western’s fly control service starts on the outside of the facility, targeting dumpsters and other fly hotspots to reduce the likelihood that they can get inside your facility.

  • Bed bugs - Western’s proven approach to bed bugs includes education, early detection, and proven eradication methods. These solutions eliminate bed bugs and keep patients safe from these biting pests.

Why Western Exterminator?

Western Exterminator is a member of the following healthcare-related associations: 

American Hospital Association: The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the national organization that represents and serves all types of hospitals, healthcare networks, and their patients and communities. 

Argentum: Members of Argentum exemplify the principles of choice, dignity, and independence for seniors. To support these principles and to enhance quality of life for seniors, Argentum influences public policy, promotes business excellence, and ensures an informed public. 

Association for the Healthcare Environment: Members of AHE are committed to the mission to ensure all healthcare environments contribute to quality outcomes and healthy communities.

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