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Pest control for farming and agriculture

Farms are a critical link to today’s supply chain. Despite your best efforts to keep pests out, they can still be introduced in your operations. 

Agricultural businesses by nature often include both indoor and outdoor facilities. While this may be a necessity of the industry, it can result in open doors and windows that invite pests in. Once inside, pests can quickly spread and cause damage to livestock, farm buildings, equipment and your reputation. 

With Western Exterminator’s highly trained specialists, we know what it takes to keep pests out of your farming and agricultural properties. We have a range of innovative solutions that can be tailored to protect your property and products. 

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Commercial pest control

Highly trained pest management specialists, knowledge of current legislation and innovative solutions. Western Exterminator has your business covered.

Consequences of pests in your farming facility

Pest infestations can create an unsafe work environment for employees, breaks safety standards and diminishes the quality of your product for your customers. A farming facility that does not utilize commercial pest control practices may experience the following consequences: 

  • Delayed production times 
  • Revenue loss 
  • Termination of contracts 
  • Customer complaints 
  • Loss of customer trust 
  • Audit non-compliance or failure

Agricultural bird control services

Pest birds like pigeons and starlings can impact your food production significantly and spread diseases such as ornithosis, E. coli and salmonella causing damage to your crops. These diseases can also cause food-borne illnesses, affecting large populations. 

Western Exterminator's expert solutions include a range of proofing methods tailored to your warehouse: 

  • Exclusion 
  • Perch modification 
  • Behavior modification 
  • Clean-up/sanitation services 

Effective bird control requires the use reliable professional services to ensure a long term solution to any pest bird problem.

Why Western Exterminator?

Western Exterminator serves farms and agricultural facilities of all sizes. We are the industry experts and know exactly what it takes to fully protect your farm, livestock and business. 

With organic farming becoming a popular farming practice, your Western Exterminator specialists are trained to utilize integrated pest management solutions. Integrated pest management is an environmentally sensitive, yet effective, pest management approach that uses a variety of methods to control pest infestations on your property while using the least amount of chemicals as possible. 

For more information on our farming and agricultural pest control services, give us a call at 800-937-8398 or fill out our online form.

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Bird control

Find out more about pest bird species and how we control the risks they pose.