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Apartment pest control

Pests love apartment living. Any place humans find inviting, pests do too. The major pest of apartment living is the German roach but miceratsfleas and bed bugs can be quite maddening as well. These pests have the ability to literally roam from home-to-home with relative ease through shared walls or shared plumbing and wiring.

Not the case for fleas literally, but since pets are likely to share the same common areas, it's a simple hop or two for a flea to find a new home. Getting rid of nuisance pests in an apartment can be challenging without the support of management and the tenants in the adjoining units.


Pest control for tenants and managers

Tenants: Protect your apartment from common apartment pests by following some of our Quick Tips for Living Pest Free, which will help keep unwanted guests away! Also, if you find that your apartment has pests, make sure to contact your landlord promptly. A quick response will result in a quick resolution to the infestation.

Property Managers: One of the toughest problems that apartment management companies face is pest infestations. Cooperation among all tenants is vital to keeping the pest population in check. Western offers an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that offers pest solutions to suit your needs.

  • Inspection - We determine any issues which might be encouraging pests to take up residence.

  • Exclusion - We review our findings, noting all entry points and sanitation issues and make recommendations to eliminate pest harborages.

  • Treatment - Depending on the type of pest we are treating, this may involve spraying an insecticide or putting down traps or placing out baits to get rid of an active infestation.

With the ease with which pests can travel between units and buildings, it doesn't pay to cut corners. A pest control professional is your best resource to eliminate any unwanted guests. Western understands the challenges apartment pest control can be and is ready to offer you the best solution to the particular pest problems at your facility. 

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