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Food and beverage processing pest control

Thanks to social media and easy access to health inspection data, public awareness around food quality and safety is steadily increasing. Concern about food-borne illness, animal welfare, and sanitation can put food and beverage processors under scrutiny. Western Exterminator can defend your brand against pests that put you at risk. 

Some of the consequences of pest infestations include: 

  • Cost of product recalls 
  • Lost sales due to disrupted production 
  • Cost of damaged goods and raw materials 
  • Prosecution for non-compliance with applicable laws

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Solutions for the food and beverage processing industry

Western Exterminator offers a variety of solutions for your food & beverage processing facility. Our Technicians listen to your pest control needs and incorporates them in our integrated pest control management plan. Some of the solutions we can provide you include:
  • Stored Product Pests - Indian Meal Moths, Rice Weevils and Drugstore Beetles can infest food and food containers all over your facility. Western Exterminator will customize a pest control solution plan based on your facilities needs to remove and prevent stored product pest infestations in the future. 

  • Birds - Western Exterminator uses humane and effective solutions to deter birds from your food & beverage processing facility.

  • Drain Line Services - Drains are often overlooked as a source for pest-related issues. Western Exterminator's Drain Line services remove residual food particles in the drain systems which attract pests.

  • Rodents - Mice and rats breed quickly. Call a professional before you have an infestation in your facility. Western Exterminator technicians know how to utilize traps and bait stations to capture adult rodents. Our technicians also find and seal up points of entry to avoid future infestations.

Pest control documentation

Western Exterminator will provide you with all the documentation you need to meet the requirements of regulatory and third-party audits, including detailed service reports that include pest activity, recommendations, and more.

Integrated pest control for the wine industry

Issues with pests can be a cause for concern for those in the viticulture industry. Don’t let pests get in the way of having the best quality wines and grapes you harvest. Western Exterminator’s expert solutions will protect your vineyards, property, and any stored products against a variety of pests.

Why Western Exterminator?

Western Exterminator’s mission has always been to provide professional, reliable and effective pest control. Our expert technicians, in their unmistakable yellow trucks with our “Mr. Little” mascot are ready to help, any time of the day or night – whatever your pest control needs are.

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