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Fontana, California is home to numerous tourist attractions that bring people in from all over the world and from around the Los Angeles area. Originally a steel mill town, Fontana has evolved over the years and become what it is today, complete with modern pest control issues for all sorts of properties.

Western Exterminator has been a part of  the Fontana community for many years..We offer highly trained pest control specialists that can help you with pest issues such as cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, spiders, flies and other pest problems. Our experts are ready to provide the latest methods of pest detection and treatment for your property.

First thing you need to do is contact us for your local Western Exterminator specialist and schedule a property inspection.

Paul Wycoff

Hi, I'm Paul. When I left the construction industry I wanted to go into sales and was able to find a position in pest control as a WDO Inspector. I was able to use my construction knowledge to the benefit of my customers, offering solutions for their termite and fungus damage problems. I decided to stay in the pest control industry, not only for my love of the service industry, but I found a great company to work for and I never looked back.

Spider control Fontana, CA

Spiders can be beneficial, but they can also be a pest. When they become too numerous, their webs can make your home look dirty and unkempt. Also, spiders are often a sign that there are other pests are present that are attracting spiders. There are also some spiders that can bite, and you want to keep your family protected.

For spider control in Fontana, CA, contact your local Western Exterminator specialist. We will remove the spiders, webs and eggs and then offer solutions that will stop the arachnids from coming back.

Contact us today and be on the way to having a spider free property with Western Exterminator.

Termite control for Fontana

Termites will actually eat away your home. They are hard to find, especially drywood termites, that don't build the mud tubes that can often be seen. Termites do millions of dollars in damage to homes and properties in the U.S. every year.  The wood-destroying insects can be eating away at your home for a long time before you spot them.

The Western Exterminator team in Fontana, CA, is known for local, reliable, termite control specialists who know how to read the signs of termite infestations and provide solutions. We will get rid of the termites and stop the damage and stop the termites from returning. You can worry about other things instead of termites!

Contact Western Exterminator in Fontana today and tell us about your termite concerns!



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