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How to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are bad news whether you find an infestation in your home or your business. If you own a home, flies can bring in trails of unwanted and dangerous bacteria to cooking surfaces in the kitchen or dining room.

Flies are also usually a sign of something rotting around the home like too much garbage, drains that need cleaning or even dead animals inside walls.

Flies around your business presents the idea to the public that your establishment is unclean and can lead to a loss of business.

A fly infestation is hard to get rid of. Using chemicals without knowing what you’re doing can be dangerous and using fly strips leaves fly carcasses in full view. If left untreated, diseases such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Typhoid could affect the people living or working in your property as flies are known to transmit these diseases.

DIY Fly Control

There are numerous ways that people say you can try to get rid of flies around your home yourself. None of these DIY fly control methods are truly as effective as professional fly control.

Some of the methods that have been offered as DIY fly control methods include:

Soda Bottle Traps: this involves using an old soda bottle where the top is cut off and some kind of sweet liquid, such as simple sugar water, is put into the base. The two pieces are fit back together allowing flies access to the bottle and the sugary water, but unable to get back out again.

Vinegar and Dish Soap: in this method a trap is created using a bowl that is then filled slightly with apple cider vinegar. Dish soap is added to the mixture and can either be covered with plastic wrap that has been punctured with holes or uncovered. Flies are attracted to the scent of the liquid and become trapped in the liquid.

Herbs and plants: For fly problems occurring outside, numerous herbs and plants will supposedly help keep flies away. This includes basil, bay leaves, Nasturtiums, mint, lavender and more.

Please Note: Western Exterminator does not endorse any of these as truly effective. Only a trained fly control specialist can really determine why flies are infesting your home, where they are breeding or laying eggs, how they are getting inside. You should always rely on a licensed professional to provide treatments to get rid of them and prevent a return infestation.

Contact Western Exterminator today and talk to a fly control specialist about fly removal around your property.

Effective Fly Prevention Techniques

Keeping a home clean can help keep flies away. Flies are attracted to leftover food, garbage and scraps. Keeping garbage under tight lids and not leaving food out can help prevent flies from finding your home attractive.

Making sure that windows are sealed, cracks in walls and foundations are repaired, and window screens are fixed securely can make sure that flies do not find a way inside your home.

Clean up debris and garbage around the home and office. Make sure garbage cans are placed away from windows and access to the house, including dumpsters. Store food in sealed containers and make sure water is cleaned up around ancillary areas, such as basements, attics, patios, etc.

Western Exterminator Fly Control

If you are struggling to control fly infestations in your home or business, help is at hand!

Get rid of flies once and for all by contacting Western Exterminator for a property inspection and discussion of treatments today!

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