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How long do flies live?

Flies are a particularly annoying pest, and they may even transmit disease, which is why you should eliminate them right away if they are at your home or business. Do you know how long do flies live? Well, not very long.

Flies go through four life stages, which consist of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. The exact length of a fly’s life will vary depending on the species, and it is also affected by conditions in the environment. Take a look at how long adults of few fly types live:

If you have fly problems at your property, get in touch with Western Exterminator today and we will come out to address the issue. For now, read a little more about fly life cycle.

Life of a fly

Flies lay their eggs on or close to a medium that larvae will turn to for food after hatching. Fly larvae are colored grayish-white to cream, and they are slim and lack legs. A larva has mouthparts on one end and the other end contain organs that it uses for breathing. Larvae that are mature move from their source of food to find a suitable location to become pupae.

Adult flies are typically able to reproduce soon after leaving their pupal cases. Adult fly lifespan can be as short as a few days to as long as several weeks.

Humidity and temperature both influence how long it takes a fly to develop - for instance, if the temperature and humidity are higher, an egg might hatch sooner. It can take from 6-45 days (or more) to grow from an egg to an adult.

How long do house flies live?

House flies are some of the most common flies you may encounter. They are about ⅛ to ¼ inches in length. House flies place their eggs in material that is decaying, such as trash. The eggs may need up to 2 days to hatch, if the temperature is cool. If a house fly does not have food when it is an adult, it will only live for 2 or 3 days (although it can live longer when food is available).

How long do blow flies live?

Another type of fly to keep in mind is the blow fly. A female blow fly has the capacity to lay up to 2,000 eggs. Blow flies usually go from egg to adult in less than a month. Some blow fly species leave eggs on tissue like animal wounds, or on food (which can result in stomach disorders). Overall, adult blow flies can live for up to 8 weeks.

How long do fruit flies live?

The fruit fly is another pest you may come across. They develop more quickly when the temperature is higher. Fruit fly larvae typically leave their eggs a day or two after being laid. Interestingly, a female lays 500 eggs on average during her life. Larvae are shaped like worms and molt twice prior to becoming pupae.

A fruit fly can develop in as few as 8 days if conditions are suitable and adults are capable of living for 40 to 50 days when temperatures are ideal.

Flies at your property?

Even though flies do not live long, you should be concerned if they have infested your property. You do not want these flying insects to keep breeding and make an issue even more severe.

Western Exterminator can help you stop flies by pinpointing the spots where they are breeding and providing treatment. So, if you are worried about flies, reach out to us today to get rid of the problem.

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