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Fruit Flies Facts

Fruit flies are tiny winged insects that are related to the other types of flies such as house flies and blow flies. They are very small, however, and their wings beat a surprising 220 times per second! They breed fast and prefer to hover around ripe and rotting fruit (hence the name). They can become a real pest because of their breeding habits and you can soon end up with a house filled with these bothersome little bugs.

Outside your home, you are still not safe from fruit flies. If you grow any fruit in your yard or property, fruit flies can be a real problem and end up costing you a lot of money.

Facts About Fruit Flies

  • Fruit flies have hairy bodies and sticky feet.

  • There are two families of fruit flies. One is called Tephritidae and they are colorful with painted wings. The other is Drosophilidae and they have less colorful bodies.

  • A fruit fly's eyes have 760 individual lenses. The majority of the fruit fly's brain is dedicated to sorting out the images that it sees.

  • Fruit flies breed so fast and their eggs are so easy to cultivate that they are popular for laboratory experiments.

  • Fruit flies only have four chromosomes, but their genes are very similar to a human's. That also makes them popular in the lab.

  • Fruit flies hover around rotted fruit in bowls and on counters, but also like anything sweet. Sometimes they breed in drains and will also hover around garbage cans and dumpsters.

In addition to these fruit flies facts, some fruit flies in the wild are actually beneficial because they attack specific plants that can harm certain crops.

Western Exterminator Removes Fruit Flies

A Western Exterminator expert will inspect your property and find all of the areas that fruit flies are using for breeding purposes and to access your home. We will make recommendations for removing the pests and offer advice to help you change behaviors to prevent fruit flies from returning.

Western Exterminator is dedicated to using an integrated pest management solution that is environmentally friendly.

If you have a fruit fly problem then the first step is to call Western Exterminator by using our online form or calling 800-937-8398.