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Fly Control

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Fly Control

You probably see flies all the time, particularly if you spend time outdoors. They are common pests when it comes to events like picnics and family reunions, buzzing around the food, landing on plates, and hovering around the garbage. While they are certainly not attractive and they can be a bother, there's a wider concern when it comes to flies and their control: disease.

Fly diseases can range from the annoying to the deadly. A fly infestation could mean there is another problem on your property that is attracting them. Western Exterminator fly control professionals know how to identify the source of the infestation and remove it quickly.  A fly exterminator near you is ready to help you how to get rid of flies around your home or  areas on your commercial property. We also know how to get rid of gnats.

House Flies

The most common type of pest flies we encounter are house flies also known as filth flies. They are sometimes referred to as “filth flies” because they like to hover around and feed off of piles of garbage, dead animals or animal dung. That's why house flies bring about health risks. They feed on filthy things and then get bacteria and other dangerous materials on their feet and legs. When they land on your food, they immediately spit saliva to dissolve part of the food in order to eat it and then defecate. So, if a fly lands on your hot dog, you shouldn't eat it!

Western Exterminator knows how to get rid of house flies as well as their cousins, cluster flies. We look for the underlying source of the flies and why they are laying eggs in your home or business. Get rid of flies once and for all and prevent them from returning with a property inspection and fly treatment.

If you think that you have a house fly problem, then contact the fly control experts at Western Exterminator by calling 888-727-0454 or using the online form to schedule an appointment.

Fly Diseases

Flies are known to be the cause of illnesses such as:
  • Typhoid - a contagious bacterial infection that can cause severe intestinal inflammation and become dangerous.

  • Cholera - a potentially fatal bacterial disease that can cause dangerous intestinal problems.

  • Dysentery - another potentially fatal intestinal infection that can lead to dehydration.

  • Salmonella - also known as food poisoning, this can be transmitted via flies who land on garbage or contaminated food.

If you are finding a lot of flies inside your home, you have a potentially serious pest problem. A professional pest control and fly removal expert can help track down the access points and find the reason for the infestation.

What Kind of Flies?

There are several kinds of flies you might find and they almost all bring health risks. The most common types of flies include:

  • Common House Fly - house flies have red eyes that are probably the ones you see around your home most often. If you see flies on walls, ceilings, tables and other things, it’s probably this kind of fly. They carry a lot of diseases and love human food.

  • Blow Fly - blow flies have brilliant metallic finishes of blue, green, brass and black. Often the first to arrive on a fresh kill, they love to eat roadkill and that brings about bacteria.

  • Fruit Fly - despite the name, these fruit flies like all forms of food and even like vinegar. They carry all kinds of bacteria that can contaminate the food you eat.

Fly Control and Fly Prevention

Our professional fly control and prevention specialists take an integrated pest management approach to getting rid of flies. While we have techniques and treatments that will eliminate the fly infestation, it doesn’t do much good if you haven’t gotten rid of the reason they showed up in the first place. We know how to get rid of flies so that you can enjoy your home without the concern of removal. Whether you need outdoor fly control or indoor fly control, we have solutions for your property.

A Western Exterminator pest specialist will track down the reasons why the flies are in your home. Perhaps there is a garbage dumpster placed too close to the home. There might be an animal that got into your home and died, creating a breeding ground for flesh flies.

We’ll find the reason and remove the eggs, adults and breeding areas and seal up access points.

Get Rid of Flies From Your Property

At Western Exterminator Company, we will do everything we can to make sure that flies are removed from your property. We will also do all we can to prevent them from returning. Schedule an appointment online or call today at 800-937-8398.

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