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Located between Tacoma and Seattle, Federal Way, WA is the 9th largest city in the state of Washington. It is home to beautiful parks, trails, amusement parks and many local businesses. Federal Way, WA experiences a Mediterranean climate, which is perfect for visitors, residents and unfortunately, pests.

Western Exterminator (formerly Alpha Ecological) is familiar with the pests that bother residents of Federal Way, WA because our pest specialists are members of the community. We can handle everything from bed bugs to cockroaches, and we even provide crawl-space restoration services.

Our pest control specialists are state-certified and have experience in handling even the most severe pest control issues. 

If you're overwhelmed by pests, give Western Exterminator a call to schedule your free initial pest inspection.  

Ryan Miller, Federal Way District Manager

I have worked for the company for nearly 10 years in the Federal Way, Washington area in the shadows of Mt. Rainier. I take pride in building lasting relationships with my fellow colleagues and clients, through communication and teamwork. I enjoy working for Western Exterminator because we provide a valuable service and peace of mind to our clients, protecting their homes, businesses and food processing and manufacturing facilities.

Bed bug control in Federal Way, WA

Bed bugs are a nightmare to get rid of. Some of the reasons bed bugs are tough to get rid of is their size, ability to reproduce quickly and feeding habits. 

Bed bugs can hide in tiny crevices and holes so small they can be difficult to see if not trained. They reproduce in the dozens and can hide for weeks without feeding. So, just when you think your home is bed bug-free, you wake up with bed bug bites. 

Luckily, Western Exterminator pest specialists are familiar with bed bug behavior and the latest bed bug removal techniques. We are confident we will develop a pest control strategy to remove the bed bugs you already have while preventing them in the future.

Roof rat removal Federal Way, WA

Roof rats are commonly found in coastal states, especially near seaports. Because Federal Way, WA sits close to the Pacific Ocean, roof rats have been known to make an appearance in homes and businesses. 

Roof rats can be found in treetops and roofs but they can also be found in basements, sewers or under buildings. When they make their way indoors, roof rats seek out fruits, vegetables and cereal. 

Understanding roof rat behavior is a great way to prevent them. The pest control specialists at Western Exterminator understand what roof rats like and don’t like, and we use it to our advantage. 

If you believe you are experiencing a roof rat infestation, your local Western Exterminator pest specialists is only a phone call away. Or, if you prefer contact us online, you can do that as well.



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