Facilities Management

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Facilities Management Pest Control

A pest control issue in a business environment can decrease employee morale and pose serious health issues – not to mention the damage it can cause to a property management company’s brand reputation. With Western Exterminator on your side, you can rest assured that your properties are safe from pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, and even birds

Western Exterminator will protect your facility by conducting thorough inspections, eliminating unwanted pest activity, and providing you with valuable recommendations to strengthen your facility’s defenses against pests.

Western Exterminator Pest Control Solutions for Facilities Managers

Our goal is to protect your brand and your bottom line. With Western Exterminator’s pest control programs, you have a loyal partner on your side committed to managing pest issues on your property. 

Western can also provide you with additional services including: 

Single Point of Contact

Managing a multi-site network of facilities has never been easier with one account manager at Western Exterminator. The individual facility will be serviced by our local team while you maintain communication with one person who is well-versed on your entire organization’s pest control program.

Why Western Exterminator?

Western Exterminator shares your responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe. We focus on providing environmentally safe solutions while eliminating pest activity without the overuse of pesticides. 

Our service technicians are proactive by conducting inspections and putting measures in place to protect your facility from pests and future pest infestations. At every service, they will provide you with recommendations to help keep your facility pest free.