Commercial Food Handling Pest Control

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Commercial Food Handling Pest Control

Pests have no respect for the fact that you’re trying to do business. In fact, if you have a food handling or food processing business, the fact that you have products out is like ringing the dinner bell for insects and rodents. They are always in search of a quick and easy meal and they might just choose your place of business to get a snack.

Safe food handling to prevent pests in food is a very serious problem. If the health department finds pests in the food handling business that you run it could be devastating. Even if they don’t shut you down, your reputation could be destroyed from the rumors.

Western Exterminator is the expert in safe food handling and we have the latest processes to help remove pests from your food handling and food processing company. Our facility services will eliminate things like flies, roaches, rodents and other pests that contaminate facilities and food itself.

If you have more questions about pest control for food handling facilities, contact your local Western Exterminator experts online or call 800-937-8398.

Food Handling Regulations Means Pests Must Go

No one wants insects or rodents walking around in their food. There are numerous species of pests that can drag in bacteria and other unsanitary elements that can not only shut down your business, but make customers sick.

The people who handle food are constantly under attack from pests. They are always finding a way to get into the food facility, scurrying under fridges, finding their way into cabinets, and crawling across counters. If you get an audit from the health department and get a low score, you could be in trouble.

Failure to apply proper pest control in your facilities can result in consequences such as:

  • Lost sales due to stoppage in production 
  • Product recalls
  • Compensation claims 
  • Poor audit scores 
  • Legal prosecution from non-compliance with regulations 
  • Loss of customer confidence and revenue

Pest Control Service for Food Handling Facilities

We work with you to come up with the right solutions for your food handling facility. Each of our food handling pest control services is customized for your unique situation. We inspect your property, assess the pest problems and then come up with the solution that works best.

At Western Exterminator we are highly trained and certified in following food handling regulations. Our goal is to remove an infestation and create a barrier to stop insects and rodents from returning. We look at the entire building and create a comprehensive treatment plan.

We strive to create environmentally friendly pest control methods. That means using the right treatments, but also looking at prevention methods.

We follow the strict guidelines set up for food handling and pest control services. We know the auditing standards to make sure that you are not docked because of our service.

You and your business are unique, and we’ll provide the specific solutions that meet your specific requirements and budget. Our priority is to protect your food handling facility. With Western on the job, you can focus on your customers.

Expert Service For Food Handling Facilities

We’ll also do everything possible to make sure that your food handling facility is pest free. To setup an appointment with a Western Exterminator commercial pest control expert, contact us online or call 800-937-8398.

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