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Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally

Discovering cockroaches on your property can be overwhelming and stressful. They look frightening, reproduce quickly and can survive for long periods of time without food. But luckily, you can turn to natural and household items to ward off these pesky pests.

 Before we discuss home remedies to get rid of cockroaches, the first suggestion we would like to make is to start by keeping your property clean. Cockroaches love leftover food and dirty dishes, so by removing potential breeding grounds, you reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Natural Cockroach Repellents

None of these methods are guaranteed to remove cockroach infestations from your property. For professional cockroach extermination, contact Western Exterminator.

  • Bay leaves - Cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves. First, crush either dry or fresh bay leaves and sprinkle them in the areas of your property you believe they are nesting.

  • Mint oil - Spray mint oil directly at cockroaches or in places they are likely to hide, such as sinks, bathrooms or kitchens.

  • Cedar - Cedar can be bought in many forms, balls, chips or blocks, and is typically placed in cupboards or closets.

  • Pepper, onion and garlic solution - This is made by adding one tablespoon of pepper, a clove of garlic and half an onion, crushed. Then, add a liter of water to the solution and wipe this solution where cockroaches have been seen.

Professional Cockroach Pest Control

Natural cockroach deterrents may provide short-term relief, but to adequately remove an infestation, you’ll want to contact a professional pest control service. Western Exterminator practices green pest control and offers a variety of methods to removing and keeping away cockroaches. 

We practice integrated pest management, which means we only apply pesticides when absolutely necessary. This environmentally-friendly pest control method takes into account the life cycle of pests while integrating various other pest control practices to deliver you the highest quality of pest control. 

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