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Known as the City of Trees, Burlingame, California has its own unique pest issues that property owners have to deal with year round. Whether that's bed bugs in bedrooms, cockroaches or rodents in kitchens or ants crawling around the floors, there is a solution nearby with Western Exterminator. We have highly trained, licensed and state-certified pest specialists who are working in, living in and contributing to our communities.

As a suburb of San Francisco, residents of Burlingame take pride in their properties and the last thing they want are pests. Western Exterminator's highly skilled and trained pest control experts know how to treat homes and businesses to eliminate pests. We will create a prevention solution that will stop pests from coming back. We have been protecting people and enhancing lives for nearly 100 years.

Contact your local Western Exterminator office and set up an initial free inspection and we'll get started putting together a pest control plan just for you. We have services for all of your pest protection needs - from roof to basement to yard.

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Toby Welsh

Working with Western Exterminator has its challenges, because you never know what's coming each day. That also makes it a more exciting and fulfilling career, to help make a better living community for our customers. At Western we strive every day to provide honest service matched with quality. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and communication with customers, too.

Spider control for Burlingame, CA

There are spiders such as Black Widows and the Brown Recluse that have been known to bite people. The good news is that bites are rare and rarely are they as dangerous as their reputation. However, any spider will bite if their webs are disturbed or they are threatened. Additionally, having spider webs all over your property can collect dust and dirt. A spider infestation can be a real mess, so in Burlingame, residents call Western Exterminator for spider control service.

Western Exterminator specialists know how to handle a spider problem, whatever species of spider has decided your home is a good place to live. We remove spiders, their webs and eggs and look for the conditions attracting them in the first place in order to prevent them from coming back.

Contact your Western Exterminator spider specialist in Burlingame today!

Termite control Burlingame, CA

Termites will literally eat your house out from beneath your feet. Unless you know the signs of a termite invasion, you may not even realize what's happening until the damage is so severe that it can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Termites, in fact, are one of the costliest pests in terms of property damage, which is why your Burlingame termite control specialists at Western Exterminator can help.

Western Exterminator termite control specialists will inspect your property and find the location of the termite nests. We will provide you with a solution to get rid of the existing problem and offer methods to prevent a return invasion.

Stop the damage to your home via termites and contact Western Exterminator today.



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