Western Exterminator Profile: Sandi Quintana

Sandi Quintana, District Manager in Los Angeles

Western Exterminator is pleased to spotlight a leader in our business who has held multiple positions within our company and trained countless individuals.  Meet Sandi Quintana, District Manager in Los Angeles, who is one of just 3% of women nationwide who make their careers in the pest control industry.

As part of the Western team for 33 years, Sandi began her career in pest control at our Van Nuys service center, as a receptionist/customer service rep-answering phones. She quickly earned her stripes, graduating to office manager and then decided she wanted to be trained to go out in the field.  Sandi knew she wanted to do more. 

“Bugs never bothered me – growing up in California, I’m used to them!” says Sandi. “I spent the first two years listening to our customer’s problems over the phone and I decided that I wanted to be in the field. I wanted to be able to actually help these customers solve their pest control problems first hand.”

Sandi as night division manager
Sandi as night division manager

Since then, Sandi has dedicated herself to resolving pest issues and helping other Western colleagues excel in their careers.  For 13 years, she was the Service Manager for our night work in commercial operations, overseeing 50+ technicians and some of our most high profile accounts.  The first three of those years included the territories of California, Arizona and Nevada – a tough task, but one that she handled with ease.

Today, she is the District Manager for Los Angeles, managing a team of over 40 technicians, a bed bug team, 4 salespeople and 5 Operation Managers. Her office also houses a customer service center.  The office in Los Angeles has been a well-known landmark since 1952, sitting above the Hollywood Freeway with a 60-foot neon sign and logo.  Lined by windows, the office has quite the view including one of the famous Hollywood sign and Griffith Park Observatory.

Sandi 2005
Sandi receiving an award in 2005
Sandi Top Service Center Award
Sandi and team with their Top Service Center Award

Sandi has enjoyed career success while raising four children alongside her husband, Ron, who also works for Western.  When Sandi isn’t working with her team to solve pest problems, she enjoys spending time with family and friends near Mammoth Lakes, CA for fishing, hiking, reading and relaxing. And although balancing a career and family makes for a full calendar, Sandi wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sandi with husband Ron in 2007
Sandi with husband Ron

“I have grown up with this company, I love helping people and building relationships. I have been fortunate to work for a great company with great people who have given me opportunities to advance in my career and trusted me with their business. Believing that I make a difference and contribute to growing the business in a positive way is what keeps me going. Being in management I have more of a leadership and teaching role. I am very lucky that in my job I can enhance lives and the environment.  When days are really busy and it seems I can’t get everything done, as long as I know I resolved something for someone, I feel good at the end of the day.”

Hats off to Sandi for taking pride in a job well done, and for committing herself to the enrichment of everyone around her.  Western Exterminator Company is honored to count Sandi among our outstanding team of leaders for she epitomizes the Western spirit!

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