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Winters are famous for being mild here out West. That doesn’t mean we don’t get some cold air and things don’t turn a bit milder, however. That also doesn’t mean we don’t get pests of all kinds, and that’s because the weather changes cause a number of rodents, insects and creepy-crawlies that you might not want in your living room to seek warmth and shelter inside your home.

That means no resting on your laurels! Take it from Mr. Little, you have to be always-vigilant about pests. As you settle into warmer clothes and holiday shopping, it can be easy to forget that some pests are trying to get into your home and set up their nests.

Ants, Spiders, Rodents

Here are some of the common winter pests that you might have to deal with this season:

Argentine ants – one of the most persistent pests in the ant category are the Argentine ants. They have managed to get distributed across the globe, including a giant “mega-colony” that has part of its tentacles in California. They breed fast, create these huge colonies and if they start to move into your house you can end up with a lot of ants crawling all over your kitchen and getting into your food. Out in the Western states the fall and winter is their time to get most active. The queens produce eggs late in the winter and by the time spring comes around there are a lot of new ants ready to burst forth. That’s why winter is the time to get a professional to check your property and get rid of any potential Argentine ant problems.

Widow spiders – although the black widow spider gets a much worse rap than it really deserves, the fact is that very few people actually want black windows running around their house. Although they do bite and their bites are generally not dangerous, there is a risk. Black widows and brown widows are very solitary most of the year, preferring to find hidden places to set up their messy webs. They don’t want to be disturbed. However, during the fall, they get active because it’s mating season. That continues right into winter when they want to come into warmer areas like your home.

Squirrels – squirrels can be real pests if you find that they are damaging your roof and getting in between the walls. Squirrels like to set up large nests and find places to hide their food and your home, attic, basement or spaces between the walls might be just the place. They are also notorious for devouring bird seed via bird feeders, if you are the type to put out bird food during the colder months for our feathered friends. They also bury nuts and food and can start digging up parts of your yard. Finally, squirrels can bring other animals that like to use them for food like hawks, owls and even coyotes and other predators. Fall and winter are when they are very active and can be very destructive.

Mice and Rats – mice and rats are always a problem, but when the weather turns colder they are very active trying to get inside. Both have sharp teeth and claws and can get into your home by chewing through portions of the wall, beneath doors that lead outside or even though the rubber barriers at the bottom of your garage door. Once they get inside they set about finding food and making nests. That means more chewing, and they might even chew through furniture or electrical wires. They also leave horrible messes with their feces and urine and bring about a whole host of potential health issues. Winter is the time when you might have to worry about mice and rats deciding that your home would be the perfect spot to wait out the colder months until spring.

Western Exterminator Pros are Winter Pest Experts

Western Exterminators have been helping home and business owners pest proof and winter proof their homes for years. We can do a thorough inspection of your property and find any potential problems and entry points for any of the pests mentioned above, plus others throughout the year. Make sure that your home is safe from pests so you can enjoy the winter months safe and sound and warm.

Just reach out to us via phone or using our online contact form so you can be ready for winter pest season.


Mr. Little

He’s represented Western for nearly a century. But he’s no old fogey. Follow Mr. Little’s blog for pest tips and facts!

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