The threat of bed bugs spreads to Spokane, Washington

Entomologists have been perplexed by the high pressure of bed bugs that have been plaguing the Northwestern United States in recent years, particularly the Spokane Valley. Bed bugs are incredibly problematic to deal with and have been known to develop immunities to current chemical treatments.

ThinkstockPhotos-541123974.jpgMike Craven, Western Exterminator Company District Manager for the Spokane, Washington and Coeur D’Alene, Idaho areas shares his experience with the rise in bed bugs. “Spokane, Washington is not known as a bed bug city, but with the growth, we have experienced in the past few years, we have seen a huge rise in bed bug infestations. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimated that, as of 2015, there were 810 multifamily units being developed in the area.

Bed bugs are often associated with bigger Northwest cities like Seattle and Portland, but smaller cities in Washington like Yakima and Pasco are now starting to feel the bed bug heat… literally.

Bed bugs? More like super bugs!

With the increase in bed bugs, comes the increase in operating costs for property managers in the area. Craven states that bed bugs have cost some property managers in Spokane over $10,000 in damages in one month and it is only expected to increase! These pesky pests have developed even more resistance to treatments. Unfortunately, some multi-family property managers choose to take the cheapest route possible and fail to get rid of the problem the first time.

Some entomologists have even begun to call bed bugs “super bugs” as they are mimicking the evolution of their microscopic counterparts, viruses that become immune to certain antibiotics because of mistreatment. This causes the bed bug populations to develop a compounding effect where the populations just become stronger and stronger after each passing generation.

Bed bugs are able to survive poorly administered chemical treatments, and when they breed, their offspring will become “superbugs.” These “superbugs” are more immune to those chemicals than their predecessors, making bed bug control difficult without the help of experts.


Bed bug prevention tips

Craven shares a few ways that hospital managers, property managers, and apartment managers can help prevent the spread of bed bugs in their facilities if an infestation has already started:

  • Tip #1: Don’t panic. We’ve seen the worst situations out there and we can help. Call Western Exterminator Company as soon as you can to help stop the infestation before it gets worse.

  • Tip #2: Remove all bedding, sheets, pillows, clothing, etc. and place them in tightly sealed plastic bags to avoid bed bug populations from growing by quarantining the area.

  • Tip #3 Advise tenants not to go to other rooms or apartments until treatment has taken place.

Western Exterminator: Turning the heat up on bed bugs

Unlike our competitors, Western Exterminator Company has the capacity to use heat treatments to deal with stubborn bed bug populations. The heat treatments we use are called Thermal Remediation. We heat up buildings at an incredibly high temperature to quickly kill off all stages of bed bugs: reproductive adults, adolescents, larvae, and eggs. Nothing escapes our intensity and we strive to get rid of bed bug populations on the first go, if possible.

As always, make sure to give us a call at 888-674-7863 if you’re experiencing a bed bug problem. Contact us for more information and our Spokane team will set up a time to thoroughly inspect your property or facility and recommend the treatment that is right for your specific situation.


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