Termite Problems in Portland, OR

The beautiful weather and vibrant culture of Portland, Oregon, draw more and more people to the city each year. Unfortunately, termites love Portland just as much as people do. These wood destroying critters are a major problem for local homes throughout the year. Western Exterminator can get rid of pests like these and keep them from coming back. ThinkstockPhotos-608574536

Subterranean termites are the most destructive wood-boring insects in Oregon. Subterranean species live in the soil, and they are often difficult to detect. Colonies can number in the hundreds of millions and contain several queens. Each queen is able to lay thousands of eggs at a time, and small colonies tend to grow quickly. Colonies near human settlements are a problem because they feed on the cellulose in wood. The timbers used to construct buildings are about 50 percent cellulose, and this feeding leaves the wood hollow and unstable. A single colony can eat 10 pounds of wood in a week.

There are a few simple ways to discourage termites from nesting on your property. Their gnawing is a problem for people, but they make a nutritious meal for birds. Build bird baths and bird feeders around your home to attract some air support. Sand barriers are another inexpensive solution. The type of sand sold as 00 sandblasting sand is too gritty for insects to dig through. If you like gardening, try planting mint and chili pepper plants in your yard. These plants work as natural insect deterrents and are good for bug control in general.

Controlling pests with such a high damage potential is the only way to avoid costly repairs. If your home is infested with subterranean termites or any other type, contact Western Exterminator. Western’s expert technicians have been successfully exterminating pests in the Portland area for years.

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