Termite inspections in Tucson: what you should know

If you live in an Arizona city such as Tucson, you may have seen signs of termites on or around your property. This can be unsettling, as no one wants these pests eating away at their home or business! Remember that termites do not cause structural harm right away – this damage may not appear for years. Still, you should take measures to combat termite activity. Termite inspections are a key part of guarding against termites.


Western Exterminator knows how to conduct thorough termite inspections to help protect a property from termites. Contact us online or call us at 888-444-6138 to learn more.

Termites in Arizona

You may already know that Arizona has a lot of termites, partially because the desert subterranean termite, Heterotermes aureus, is plentiful and suited to the desert and the heat. Desert subterranean termites thrive in Arizona’s climate. Drywood termites can also turn into issues.

So if you’re an Arizona resident, what kinds of termites should you be aware of?

  • desert subterranean termite – This creature causes harm in southern Arizona’s desert areas. It can hurt utility poles and building wood. Swarmers are about ⅜ inches in length. Soldier termites of this species have rectangular-shaped heads.
  • arid land subterranean termite – These termites are located in the desert and are dark brown to black in color.
  • western drywood termite – They can be found in the dead parts of trees and shrubs and can also be located in homes in places such as sheathing and attic rafters.

Termite inspections in Arizona

As termites are important in Arizona, you should be aware of what a termite inspection may entail. If a home is being sold, a lending institution may require that the home is inspected for harm from wood-destroying insects such as termites. This comes in the form of a Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR) that lets a lender and a buyer know about harm from, or the existence of, termites.


A WDIIR supplies information such as whether the structure has obstructions or spots that are not accessible for inspection, and whether there is an indication of infestation.

Keep in mind that a WDIIR doesn’t guarantee no wood-destroying insects are present.

Arizona law does not mandate a WDIIR for a structure to be sold, but a lending institution may require it.

Termite inspections with Western Exterminator

If your property is infested with termites, you may not realize that. So, it’s key to turn to a pest control professional for termite inspections in Tucson. A Western Exterminator expert can inspect your structure and pinpoint wood-destroying creatures, figure out an infestation’s source, and offer repair recommendations.

Tucson termite inspections

Contact Western Exterminator today to schedule a termite inspection or termite treatment at your property in Tucson (or elsewhere in Arizona).

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