Arachnophobia: Why are we so scared of spiders?

Ever since a giant tarantula escaped a laboratory and wreaked havoc on the Arizona desert in the 1955 thriller, “Tarantula,” spiders have found their way into the starring roles of many horror movies. Why do spiders work so well in this capacity? Even in their smallest form, these 8-legged creatures have a way of striking fear in the hearts of many. The American Psychiatric Association reports that one in ten people in the US are affected by phobias, and up to 40% of those individuals’ phobias are bug-related (including spiders).

Check out our infographic about this freaky fear:


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Ashley Smith

Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.

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  1. I moved into my current apartment at the end of September, 2018. I knew there could be spiders being that a huge tree overlays the apartment. I sprayed a mixture or distilled vinegar and water all around, inside and out, I had no problem . Not sure if it was because the weather was cooling off or what that I did not experience any problem with spiders. Now, its summer, I kill a spider or 2 daily! There are usually 3 different kind. A black one, a brown hoppy, jumpy typed one and a brown one with a darker brown or black on it’s back. Not sure if the brown one is a brown recluse or if the black one is a black widow. I am extremely terrified of any spider!! I do very little research because of the pictures that are included on websites. I just need to know what is safe and natural (if possible) to use as a deterrent for these creatures. Please Help!! I have children, youngest being 2 and other kids in and out everyday! I CAN’T DO SPIDERS!!!!!!

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