stink bug

Removing stink bugs without making a stink

Stink bugs are harmless compared to most of the other bugs that can be found in Arizona. The insects do not bite or sting and only feed on plant life, so stink bugs typically do not infest homes. However, when stink bugs infest yards, the insects may find ways into homes while destroying crops and yard vegetation. Getting rid of the insects can be tricky, as the bugs release a powerful, noxious odor when threatened and especially when killed. It is best to use less aggressive tactics to get rid of stink bugs in order to avoid the odor.

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stink bug

Identifying stink bugs

Stink bugs are relatively new to Arizona, having migrated to the area a few years ago. Stink bugs are oval to elliptical, with a triangular segment behind the head. The bugs have long legs and antennae, the adults have four wings. Stink bugs can be green, light brown, or dark brown, with darker markings. Stink bugs have a long, thick beak held between the front legs that is used for piercing fruit and buds to retrieve seeds.

Stink bug habits

Stink bugs generally gravitate towards areas where there is plenty of vegetation such as cotton and cabbage to feed on, typically only invading homes inadvertently. Stink bugs are attracted to lights at night. Stink bugs can infest an area relatively quickly, as eggs are laid in masses of 20-30. This may be destructive to crops and can cause larger numbers of stink bugs to find ways into a home. When threatened or killed, stink bugs release an odor from glands in the thorax through opening on the sides as a defense mechanism.

Removing stink bugs

Removing stink bugs from the inside of a home is problematic because the odor that is released can be soaked up by fabrics and furniture, creating a lasting issue. Less aggressive stink bug removal tactics can help homeowners to avoid the stench. Trapping the insect using a clear glass and a piece of paper is one way to remove the insects without causing the scent to be released. Using a bag to capture the insect may cause the insect to release some scent, but can protect homeowners from having clothing or furniture damaged by the substance.

Professional stink bug control

Professional pest control services can help homeowners to safeguard both the home and yard from stink bugs. Professionals can help to remove stink bugs from inside of the home so that homeowners do not have to risk being sprayed. Professionals can also treat the yard and home to prevent stink bugs from damaging the vegetation and entering the home.

Western Exterminator stink bug professionals are equipped to handle stink bug issues. Bothered by stink bugs around your property? Get in touch with us today.

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