Rats and Mice Are Coming Back to Seattle and…Your Home!

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Rat and mouse activity increase during winter because rodents like to move into warmer locations.

Seattle, Washington AKA ‘Rat City’

While bed bugs are known as “carry-in” pests because they are brought into locations, there are other pests that want to take up residence in your home simply because of the change in weather.

“We have seen quite an uptick in rodent populations in the Seattle area,” says Ryan Miller, District Manager – Seattle. “Colder weather snaps are just going to push them further inside human habitats. You may see an increase of sightings and noise inside of your home. Whenever we experience freezing rain, snow, and cold weather, we always see a rise in calls for rodents. The Seattle and Puget Sound is known as ‘Rat City’ as rodent populations are so huge that we have even been compared to giant cities like New York.”

Your Home is the Perfect Nesting Ground

During wet winter months, your home can become a perfect nesting ground for rats and mice. Their population increase exponentially within a few months. Rat species are known to be opportunistic and are incredibly smart. They live in areas where they can be most successful. This drives them to live near humans, especially in big cities like Seattle. Humans provide rats with everything they need: food, water and shelter.

Mice and Rats Breed Fast!

Mice and rats can reproduce incredibly quickly. Some mice species have been known to increase their populations ten-fold in merely 3 months! With cooler months on the horizon, rodents will try to get access to warm and dry shelters making your house a primary target. Any form of rodent evidence should be taken incredibly seriously, as an infestation may already be taking place. We use the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach when it comes to dealing with rodents. The biggest impact we can make with home and business owners is to create a partnership and deal with the problem together.

Rats and mice ability to grow in number at an exponential rate is unnerving. Even a small mouse population can grow into an infestation in practically no time at all. Mice tend to live in areas that give them the opportunity to be successful. Any sign of mouse activity including sightings of mice or their droppings, urine smell, or tufts of mouse hair need to be taken seriously. In just a few months you can have an entire mouse infestation on your hands.

Mice can spread a number of diseases to humans and mouse urine has been linked to causing asthma in children

Norway Rats and Roof Rats in Seattle

There are two dominant rat species in the Seattle area: Roof Rats and Norway Rats.

Norway Rats are more dominant, larger and have different characteristics and behaviors. Roof Rats act more like squirrels and forage for food outside of the home. Typically, Roof Rats tend to climb and can become aerial. They are longer and have sleeker tails compared to Norway Rats. This is how Roof Rats were introduced to the United States by being stowaways on ships and hiding out on high masts and sails.

Norway rats can gain access into your roof and attic by trapezing on electrical power and phone lines. They do not forage for food inside the home, but seek food outside of it. Norway Rats exhibit different behavior as they are known to be “pack rats” and store food, sometimes venturing inside pantries and kitchens to collect food and store them in crawlspaces.

Western Exterminator Rat and Mice Control Experts

Western Exterminator Company realizes that rat behavior is different for every location. Baiting and trapping Norway Rats versus Roof Rats is vastly different. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with these critters. Rats are opportunistic and will do whatever it takes to survive.

Whatever benefit their environment gives them, they are smart enough to capitalize on the opportunity which makes living side-by-side with humans so easy. We offer them a commensal relationship by providing them with shelter, warmth, water and food. The best thing homeowners can do is make it difficult for rats to take up residence in your home by eliminating these four factors.

Western Exterminator Company rat and mouse exterminators in Salem, Oregon and rat and mouse exterminators in Seattle, Washington specialize in exclusion services that help prevent rodent infestations before they occur. Contact us for mice and rat control services today!

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