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Preparing Your Home and Property for Fall Pests

Fall Pests Blog ImageThe summer is slowly drawing to a close. Although there are still weeks ahead of warm weather and bright, sunny, skies that don’t drift into twilight into late in the evening, the fact remains that fall and cooler temperatures are right on the horizon.

As the dog days drift into the early fall, the situation with pests changes and that means it’s time to use these remaining summer days to get prepared.

Whether you own a business or a home, now is the time to start making sure that pests, from rodents to insects, don’t get inside and start causing problems. Here are some tips and ideas for preparing your property for fall pests.

Check For Openings

Asbestos siding falling apart due to age

It is time to go around your home, property and any buildings (from garages to sheds) and start looking for ways that insects, rodents and wildlife can get inside. That means looking for loose siding, holes in exterior walls, holes in screens and windows and loose roofing tiles. Insects can crawl in via almost any opening and rodents like rats and mice can compress their bodies and fit into a space as narrow as the width of a pencil. Even cracks in the foundation or walls can be enough to allow pests inside.

When the weather starts to get cooler, or wetter, these pests start looking for places to get dry and warm. Since your home or property is warmer than it might be outside and ideal environments for many insects and rodents to build nests, it’s the perfect place for pest when the weather changes. That’s why a thorough inspection for openings around the property is so important.

Cut Back the Vegetation

Overgrown grass in a garden

Are there piles of leaves up against the building? Is there wood stacked against the side of the house, garage or shed? Do you have piles of grass, compost heaps, branches, leaves or other forms of vegetation and debris close to your home? All of that can bring pests like rodents, insects, and wildlife closer to your home and, ultimately, inside. Many species of pests like to use vegetation to hide in and if that vegetation is close enough to your home or building, they might take that next step and end up inside.

Rodents, mosquitoes, raccoons, opossum, even certain species of spiders, like to hide in branches, grass and other forms of vegetation. Certain species of bees and wasps might even set up nests in ground hidden by vegetation.

Now is the time to clear away branches, remove wood, move piles of firewood to a different location, and keep things around your home clear from debris.

Clean the Yard

Old lawn mower

Do you have other things cluttering the yard? Perhaps an old lawnmower that you were hoping to repair, but haven’t gotten around to it? An old bicycle? Mechanical parts, machinery, old appliances? Anything that can clutter up a yard can become a haven for pests. Spiders can build webs in them, including black widows. Wasps and bees could set up nests in and around clutter like that. The clutter could also result in someone walking in the yard being bitten or even swarmed, in the case of stinging pests. If the clutter is close enough to a property, those pests might end up inside the building.

Make sure that all of the debris is moved inside if you really want to keep it. If you don’t want to keep it, make sure it gets thrown away. A clean yard is a yard that is less likely to have pests indoors.

Look for Nests

Wasp nest

During the warm summer months, there might have been pests already building their homes. Spiders, such as black widows, prefer to hide and create messy webs in piles of wood and other hiding places. During the fall, they usually venture further from their homes to find mates. Stinging pests, during the late summer and early fall, will build their nests under eaves and around your home.

Now is the time to get out there and make sure that these pests are removed. In order to find them all and make sure they are safely removed, it is best to call a professional.

Call the Professionals for Fall Pest Control

Of course, if you want to be sure that your property is ready for fall, the best bet is to call on the professionals at Western Exterminator. We offer services that will look for all of the possible hiding places for pests of all kinds, make sure that your home is free from them, and help find the possible entry points.

So, the best way to prepare for fall might be to call us and ask about your pestfree365 protection plan. Then you can just enjoy fall without worrying about pests at all.

Ashley Smith

Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.



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