Please Don’t Touch the Caterpillar!

Summer has come to an end, and autumn is ushering in colder weather, longer nights and some frightening creatures. Among the most fearful is the puss caterpillar. While it may look harmless, this larva of the southern flannel moth packs a wallop for anyone who dares to handle it. If you see one of these toxic bugs, contact Western Exterminator for professional pest control in Vancouver, WAThinkstockPhotos-623439684

Most of us have held and examined a woolly bear caterpillar. They’re fuzzy and cute, and they’re also amateur weathermen. During years when their fur grows excessively thick, the winters are supposed to be colder than normal. However, the puss caterpillar tells a different story.

Experts in pest control in Springfield, OR would definitely tell you to avoid the puss caterpillar at all costs. Their fur contains venomous stingers that cause intense pain when they break off and enter your skin. They are such a problem that several states in the Southeast ran public service announcements advising people to not handle the seemingly harmless bugs.

As temperatures continue to plummet, many kinds of pests will be looking for a warm place to spend winter. Spiders, mice, roaches and rats will try their best to invade and infest your home. If you see any of these freeloaders in your house, call Alpha Ecological for pest control in Springfield, OR.

Whether you have problems with four-, six- or eight-legged varmints, we can handle your pest control in Vancouver, WA. We have skilled technicians who know where to find pests and how to eradicate them permanently. We use family-friendly methods, and we won’t stop until the job is performed completely.

Don’t share your home with insects or rodents, and remember to never touch a puss caterpillar. Contact Western Exterminator professionals if you think you have a pest problem. Controlling pests is our specialty.

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