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Monsoons mean pests in Arizona: what you should know

Monsoons offer a break from the Arizona summer heat and dryness, but as much as a change in the weather might bring relief, it can also bring unwelcome guests. From pesky bugs to stinging pests, the rain can drive a variety of insects to your home, specifically in a community like Phoenix and Chandler, AZ.

Don’t let the weather create discomfort or bring unnecessary pests onto your property. Find out which pests are most active during monsoon weather – and what you should do about it. Western Exterminator can help get rid of the bugs that are common during the rainy season; all you need to do is call us at 888-444-6138 or get in touch online. No one should have to deal with lots of pest problems when monsoons hit, and we’ll help you eliminate the critters before any issues become worse.

When is monsoon season in Arizona?

Monsoon season in the Copper State typically starts in the beginning of July and lasts until the end of August, but sometimes it begins during the last week of June and last until early September.

Ants in Arizona during monsoon season

carpenter ant

When it rains, ants come indoors to seek sustenance and shelter, leaving their previous location. The bad news is, they may do damage to your home and its contents. Monsoon season can also bring on ant swarming, which you may find alarming. Ants can swarm to begin new colonies, and when soil is moist, it is easier for them to create nests. You may notice fire ants and crazy ants in particular, as they are common in Arizona.

Carpenter ants may even destroy your home’s structure as they create tunnels inside wood. Also called galleries, these tunnels can weaken the wooden frames of area homes and businesses. Pest control professionals like Western Exterminator can eliminate infestations before serious damage occurs. If you see many ants popping up, do not ignore them - reach out to a reliable ant expert as soon as you can.

Termites and monsoon season in AZ

Termites are also hazardous to your home, and you probably have heard horror stories about the extensive damage they can cause. Although termites are present all year round in the state, monsoons tend to bring out termite swarmers (flying termites). As with ants, the soil is moist when it rains and that facilitates termite digging. Although not every kind of termite in Arizona causes damage to a structure, the Phoenix area does contain the desert subterranean termite, a common pest termite in the region that you may see swarming.

Swarming termites near your property should prompt you to contact a pest control professional to check for an infestation inside. If you see mud tubes (also known as mud tunnels), along your foundation or near wood structures, an infestation may have already begun. Your local pest control experts can help prevent further damage.

The threat of mosquitoes

The pest most often associated with water is the mosquito, making it a likely culprit of monsoon season infestations. This pest nests in massive groups, as they look for places with standing water to lay eggs. You’re likely to spot them around bird baths, outdoor pools, and areas where rainwater has collected. These are places where mosquitoes can breed. During monsoon season, you will likely see an increase in mosquitoes.


To prevent mosquito problems, look for collections of water around your Arizona premises and drain any pools of water. Dispose of water sitting in tires, buckets or similar places. Because of mosquitoes’ tendency to bite, sometimes transmitting diseases in the process, it’s best to get issues taken care of before these blood-feeding insects cause any harm. Western Exterminator can implement mosquito control that helps you and your family stay safe.

With mosquitoes’ need for water and moisture’s effects on ants and termites, monsoon season is good news for our pest counterparts - but that means we need to stay watchful for any troubles that crop up. Additionally, during monsoon time, cockroaches that live in places where water drains can move closer to your property.

Stop monsoon season pests

While you may see more pests during monsoon time, our team of pest control experts is ready to help you with any pest problems you may face. We recommend before-and-after inspections around monsoon season to ensure protection for your home and family. Contact us today to schedule an inspection by an experienced specialist. We serve property owners in Arizona with targeted treatments during monsoon season and all year round!

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