Spring is ant season

Moisture Ants: 3 Household Signs That They May Be Present

3 Clear Household Signs of Moisture Ant Infestation

When planning your spring get-togethers, you want to make sure you have removed a few guests from the list. As temperatures begin to rise, moisture ants dig out of underground nests. Moisture ants are typically 1/8” and reddish to brown in color. Some moisture ants make their nests against the foundation of homes, a perfect place to party. These unwanted guests could be expensive as they can cause thousands of dollars in home damage.
Here are a few signs that may indicate your home is an ant party.

  • Damaged or decayed wood. Survey in and around your home for damp, damaged or decayed wood. Treated wood will make a great replacement
  • Frass. Stay on the look out for Frass, which is wood that has been digested and excreted. Some good spots to look are around windowsills, sliding doors, plumbing Etc.
  • If winged ants are found inside the structure, this could be a sign that there is an infestation.

If moisture ants are present, it is imperative that the nest is found and eliminated. These unwanted guests can be difficult to locate so it is recommended that you call the bouncer (Western Exterminator).

Ashley Smith

Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.



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