It’s Going To Be A Creepy, Crawly, and Really Fun Event

Does the thought of a scorpion crawling up your arm make you say, “Cool”? If it does then the 2012 Los Angeles County Natural History Museum’s Bug Fair is the place you need to be.

Set for this weekend, May 19 and 20, the Bug Fair will feature hundreds of flying and crawling insects ready to make your acquantance and even excite your taste buds.

Western Exterminator is thrilled to once again partner with the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum to let visitors get up-close and personal with a whole range of the fascinating insects who share our world. Western has been working with the Museum for over 20 years and we look forward to this event as much as the over 20,000 visitors do!

As North America’s largest insect festival, the Bug Fair has a variety of offerings for visitors which are both educational and entertaining. Learn and see about the homes and habitats of spiders (watch out for the jumping variety!), butterflies, scorpions and dozens of other cool insects you might encounter on a daily basis.

Don’t worry. All the insects you’ll encounter at the Bug Fair are friendly.  And, don’t miss the awesome Butterfly Pavilion where you can enjoy these beauties as they fly freely all around you.

While you are enjoying the Bug Fair you’ll have the opportunity to meet my colleague Honey, Western Exterminator’s resident four-legged bed bug sniffing expert. While at the Bug Fair, she will be doing demonstrations of her sniffing prowess when it comes to finding nasty bed bugs

The Bug Fair will also see the debut of the latest installment of my own personal coloring book – Mr. Little’s ABC Coloring Book of Bugs. Make sure to stop by the Western Exterminator booth and pick up a copy to take home and enjoy.

There will also be cooking demonstrations with Bug Chef David George Gordon, a world renowned insect chef and author of the Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, so bring your appetites!

The fair will also be abuzz with more than 70 exhibitors, displaying everything from live specimens to bug-related products, such as honey, silk, and wax as well as bug-inspired artwork. All of this and more, plus all the great exhibits housed at the L.A. County Natural History Museum. What an awesome way to spend a day!

Make plans to stop by the museum on May 19 and 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and join in the fun. For more information on the Bug Fair visit
Have a question about bugs? I would like to hear it. Send me an e-mail at [email protected]. I’ll get back to you right away with more information and to set up a no-cost inspection.

Until next time, thanks for making Western Exterminator Company “The Final Word in Pest Control®”

Have a pest free day.

Mr. Little

He’s represented Western for nearly a century. But he’s no old fogey. Follow Mr. Little’s blog for pest tips and facts!

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