Hundreds of Baby Tarantulas Released in Texas

A baby Tarantula spider crawling on a human hand.

Recently a Texas resident released hundreds of baby tarantulas into the wild. Lewisville local and spider expert, Leah Patton, has been raising native baby spiders for the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Center. The first group of about 200 little arachnids was set free on the preserve at the end of October.

While the release of hundreds of baby tarantulas into the wild might strike fear in the hearts of some, the spiders are actually one of the more harmless species when it comes to interaction with humans. As long as they’re not being harassed, tarantulas are extremely unlikely to bite despite their enormous size and frightening features such as large fangs. Some people love their furry countenances and even keep them as pets due to their docile nature. Having a healthy population of native wild tarantulas in the area is also good for the local ecosystem. The spiders significantly reduce the number of insect pests that can cause damage to crops or carry infectious diseases that are harmful to humans. Tarantula numbers in northern Texas are severely declined. The LLELC program hopes to combat this.

While spiders in the wild are essential, having spiders inside a residence is a different story. Some spider species are not as benign as tarantulas and can be extremely harmful to humans. Spider infestations inside the home should be remedied as soon as possible. Two varieties of spiders that are found in Texas homes that can be particularly dangerous are the black widow and brown recluse. Being bitten by either of these species can result in severe symptoms requiring hospitalization. If you believe you have these spiders in the home, you will need to contact a local pest control service that is experienced in spider extermination. For such situations trust Western Exterminator for safe and effective green pest control services.

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