How To Kill Ants


Have you spotted ants in your home? It starts off as one, then you see a few more and before you know it, a dozen or so ants are scurrying across your floor! It’s like no matter how much you clean, you can’t seem to get rid of those ants!

Many homeowners have faced this dilemma and often use do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control methods of how to kill ants or control ant infestations. It seems like everyone has their own method of removing ant infestations from their home. Below are a few of the most popular do-it-yourself ant control methods that can be found on the internet. While they’re inexpensive, they don’t treat the root of the problem when it comes to ant infestations.

Home Remedies to Kill Ants

Spraying Individual Ants

Often times, homeowners spray ants only when they see them crawling around, but this usually does more harm than good and doesn’t always kill all the ants. The more you use pesticides, the more likely members of your family and pets will come into contact with the pesticide. These are potent and dangerous chemicals that should not be ingested by anyone. If you choose to use pesticides, follow the directions labeled on the bottle carefully.

Dish soap and water

This is a popular DIY ant control method because it removes the chemical trails ants use to communicate with one another. It’s a safer method than spraying ants with pesticide but it still doesn’t treat the source of an ant infestation problem, which is the ant colony on your property.

Borax Bait

Borax is a popular product when it comes to DIY ant removal. When ants come in contact with borax, the residue is then brought back to the ant colony, where more ants come in contact with the pesticide. This can take time, and if the do-it-yourself trap is not made properly, you may attract more ants than you’d want.

Ground Cinnamon

Ants don’t like cinnamon. Period. When ants inhale cinnamon, they suffocate almost immediately. Although cinnamon has been found useful as a way for how to kill ants, it may not rid your property of the infestation so ants will keep coming back until the colony is removed.

Best Way to Kill Ants

The most effective way to kill ants is with the help of a professional pest control service. It’s important to properly identify which type of ants you have because this will help determine which methods of ant control should be used. The same method of removal for carpenter ants may not be the same as for Argentine ants.

Our pest control specialists can also identify where the ant colony is located. Once the colony is located, your chances of removing ants from your property highly increases. After the colony is identified and pest control methods are applied, your pest control specialist can give you recommendations on how to prevent ant infestations in the future.

Our experts educate our pest control specialist with the most up-to-date, proven pest control methods to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of service.

Professional Pest Control Services

For more information on how to kill ants and how your property can benefit from professional pest control, call 888-444-6138 or fill out our contact form.

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