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How Do Pests Get Inside Your Home or Business?

Pests can gain access to your home or business in more ways than you think. In fact, there are times when we make it just too easy for creeping, crawling and sometimes flying invaders to join us.

I’ve always been more than willing to open my doors to guests but this is ridiculous! Mi casa es su casa does not apply here!

How do pests gain the inside track to your home or business? The experts at Western Exterminator have identified some of the leading pest highways and byways, and came up with tips to help slam the door, window or screen shut on pests!

Structural Weak Spots

While some pests are quite industrious in their own right (ever see the fascinating webs spiders weave in what seems to be no time at all?), others are actually just downright lazy. They are strictly opportunists when it comes to gaining access to a structure in search of the holy grail of food, water and harborage, and unfortunately we often unknowingly leave the welcome mat out.

Pests will forage patiently for just the right location to make their move and enter your home or business. Some of the most common entry points in and around structures include:

  • Cracks along the exterior foundation – an easy way for ants, cockroaches and mice to enter.
  • Holes in the roof where roofing materials are not properly installed or have worn away. Vents and screens in heating and air conditioning units installed on the roof can be common access points for pests such as roof rats.
  • Exhaust vents and utility openings, especially if screens are torn or the caulking around the vents has chipped away afford pests an opening to enter.
  • Missing or torn screens in windows or windows left open for ventilation provide nuisance birds and even wildlife with a route inside.
  • Loading dock doors are one of the most vulnerable spots in a commercial structure. Because of the constant activity doors are left open and pests of all types can make a grand entrance.

Hitching A Ride

Excluding pests from a structure is a practice homeowners and commercial building managers must manage closely but crafty pests are also adept at hitching a ride into homes, restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels or office buildings.

Think of the number of shipments that come in and out of a bakery on a daily basis. Think about how many “shipments” come in and out of your home each day. Then think (I know it’s not a pleasant thought) about the number of opportunities pests have to sneak in the back, front or side doors.  Yuck!

In a bakery, for example, pests can be transported in the raw food materials (i.e. flour, sugar, grains, etc.) much to the chagrin of the unsuspecting quality assurance manager.

Remember the great family vacation you went on over the holiday break? Well, you may have brought home more than a t-shirt from the hotel gift shop; you may have brought home pests.

At home, pests such as mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs (ugh!) can be carried in inside the packing material of your new end table or in the backpack of your high school student, or yes, your luggage from that vacation.

Fleas and ticks can hitch a ride on your pets and the beautiful plants you bring indoors in the winter or buy from the local garden center can also be a source of pests.

How can you prevent these unwanted visitors? Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and perform a thorough inspection of the packages coming into your home for signs of pest infestations. Properly dispose of boxes and shipping materials immediately, and clean out luggage, backpacks and lunch boxes on a regular basis. Or ask my colleagues at Western to come by and give you an assessment of places around your home that need to be rodent or bug proofed.

Do you have questions on how to prevent pests from invading your home or business? Send us a message and I’ll be sure to get back to you right away with the information you need.

Until next time, thanks for making Western Exterminator “The Final Word in Pest Control®”

Have a pest free day!

Ashley Smith

Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.



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