The Green Darner Dragonfly- Washington State Insect

How much do you know about Washington‘s State Insect? The green darner dragonfly has been our state’s official insect since 1997. Over 25,000 school children across the state participated in selecting the state insect, and the green darner is the one that came out on top. ThinkstockPhotos-636672588

The green darner is one of the largest dragonflies, but it’s size doesn’t slow it down; this dragonfly is incredibly fast. As a fairly common dragonfly species, the green darner can be found throughout Canada, the United States, and as far south as Panama. They can even be found in Japan and China. It can be recognized by its large size, up to four inches in wingspan, and its distinctive blue and green abdomen.

Like all dragonflies, the green darner is a predator. It can fly up to 35 miles per hour, and it uses this impressive speed to catch its prey, mostly insects. Most of the green darner’s common prey, are pests like flies, moths, and mosquitoes. In fact, this dragonfly is sometimes even called the mosquito hawk due to its skill at catching the blood suckers. Like other dragonflies, green darner nymphs are aquatic; they eat other insects and even small fish during this period of their lives.

Overall, the green darner has a positive impact on human society. Some of the species it preys upon, like the mosquito, can transmit deadly diseases. Best of all, green darners have no interest in infesting your home, unlike many other insects in the Seattle area. Unfortunately, these dragonflies are strictly outdoor hunters and you can’t even count on them to eliminate outdoor pests. So if you have a pest control problem you should give Western Exterminator a call.

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