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Getting rid of pantry raiding pests

Pantry pests can destroy your food. They get into your cabinets, crawling through your food and contaminating your supplies. Pantry pests can infest bags of flour, containers of sugar and boxes of rice. Although these pests do not pose serious health or property threats, they can quickly infest an area causing major headaches for homeowners.

Common pantry pests

While mice are often found in kitchens, smaller bugs are also attracted to this area. A variety of pests are considered pantry pests including beetles, ants, earwigs, and pillbugs, but the most common species are the Indian meal moth and merchant grain beetle. These insects look for food sources around which they build nests and mate. Letting this problem go unchecked will only lead to an out of control situation. Take precautions to protect your home from these pests.

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Don’t buy in bulk

Buying large quantities of dry goods that sit in cupboards is an open invitation for pests. Industrial sized bags of flour, beans, sugar and rice are the most desired places for bugs to congregate. Buy smaller quantities of these items and replace them as needed. When you store them, keep them in airtight containers that keep pests out.

Inspect your groceries

Quite often, pantry pests enter your home in products that were already infested upon purchase. Check packages before you put them in your shopping cart. Ripped boxes of cereal, cake mix, beans, and powdered milk provide easy access to unwanted pests. You should also be aware of rips and tears in pet food bags. Pantry pests love your dog’s food even more than he does. It pays to be proactive in controlling pests before they get to your house.

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Purchase proper storage

Keeping snacks, baking ingredients, and other foods stored in air-tight containers is one of the best ways to prevent a pantry pest infestation. Invest in quality plastic or glass containers with secure lids to protect your food from these pests.

Practice Good Sanitation

Make sure you regularly clean up spills and crumbs from countertops, tables, floors, and shelves. Keep your garbage sealed and dispose of it regularly. These efforts will also help to prevent other pest invasions like ants, cockroaches, and rodents. It may be a good idea to periodically empty your cabinets and clean them with soap and water.

Act Quickly

If you find pantry pests in your kitchen, get rid of infested foods in outdoor trash bins and clean all of the shelves in cupboards with a vacuum. Depending on the level of infestation, you may need to have a pest control professional inspect and treat the problem to prevent further contamination. Western Exterminator can help – contact us today!

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